Famous Female Prisoners of the UK

Famous Female Prisoners UK

Famous Female Prisoners of the UK:

The history of the UK’s prison system has seen its fair share of notorious inmates. Among them, certain female prisoners have gained notoriety due to the nature and extent of their crimes. This page sheds light on some of the most infamous female prisoners the UK has ever known.

Famous Female Prisoners Lucy Letby

Famous Female Prisoners of the UK - Lucy Letby

Lucy Letby has the disturbing distinction of being the UK’s worst child serial killer. The former nurse was sentenced to a whole life term for her “sadistic” crimes against seven babies. Her heinous actions ranged from injecting air to poison, leading to fatal consequences. With the exact motivation for her crimes remaining a mystery, Letby has become a chilling figure in the annals of UK crime.

Famous Female Prisoners Karen Matthews

Famous Female Prisoners of the UK - Karen Matthews:

Dubbed “Britain’s worst mum”, Karen Matthews infamously staged the kidnapping of her own daughter, Shannon. This elaborate plot aimed to extract a £50,000 reward for the young girl’s return. Imprisoned in HMP Bronzefield for two years, Matthews made headlines for her remarkable adaptability to prison life. She confessed to missing only “sex and shopping” during her incarceration and even reportedly launched a money-making scheme by writing sexually explicit letters to male admirers. After serving four of her eight-year sentence, she was released in 2012. Post-release, Matthews’ life has continued to be controversial with her engagement to Paul Saunders, a man previously jailed for sexually abusing a minor.

Famous Female Prisoners Joanna Dennehy

Famous Female Prisoners of the UK - Joanna Dennehy

Joanna Dennehy, at the age of 39, became one of only two women in the UK to be handed a whole life sentence. In 2013, she went on a killing spree, fatally stabbing three men and severely injuring two others in the vicinity of Peterborough. Disturbing details emerged of Dennehy’s prison escape plans, which involved heinous acts like murdering a guard. During her incarceration, Dennehy formed a romantic relationship with fellow inmate Hayley Palmer. Their relationship garnered media attention, with the two attempting to end their lives in a joint act in 2018 after hearing of prison plans to separate them.

Famous Female Prisoners Tracy Connelly

Famous Female Prisoners of the UK - Tracy Connelly

Tracy Connelly, mother to the tragic Baby P, faced incarceration at HMP Bronzefield after her role in the devastating 2007 death of her one-year-old son. Peter suffered over 50 injuries from Connelly’s partner and his brother. Following her initial release in 2013, Connelly returned to prison two years later for violating her sentence’s terms by profiting from explicit images. She now remains at Low Newton high-security prison in Co Durham.

Famous Female Prisoners Rosemary West

Famous Female Prisoners of the UK - Rosemary West

As one-half of the notorious West murders, Rosemary West secured her infamous status with her involvement in the gruesome killings of at least ten individuals, including her daughter. In 1995, she was handed a whole life sentence. While her accomplice and husband, Fred West, took his life in prison, Rosemary has seemingly adapted to her life behind bars. Letters obtained from her have described her “stress-free” life, with mentions of her involvement in a prison book club.

Famous Female Prisoners Roshonara choudhry

Famous Female Prisoners of the UK - Roshonara Choudhry

Roshonara Choudhry, a devout Islamist extremist, finds herself in HMP Bronzefield as a Category A prisoner due to her 2010 attempt on Labour MP Stephen Timms’ life. Convicted of attempted murder after stabbing Timms, Choudhry was handed a life sentence.

Each of these women holds a unique and troubling place in UK history. Their crimes, ranging from manipulative schemes to gruesome murders, serve as stark reminders of the dark side of human nature.