Prison Chaplains, Prison Chaplaincy & Religion in Prison

Prison Chaplain

Prison Chaplain – The Prison chaplain runs the prisons religious programs inside jails and prisons in the UK. The Prison chaplaincy is also a great tool within the prison to get urgent and sensitive information from family members to the prison such as issues on the outside of the prison, emergency, illnesses and deaths within the family.

Being in prison is a horrible time when things happening on the outside are completely out of your control and unable to do anything about it. Also, due to no communication lines from the outside into the prison, the prison chaplain acts as a ‘go to’ to be able to get information quickly to the prisoner inside the prison.

Most prisons have prison chaplains and prison chaplaincy run various religious programs inside the prison. Majority of main stream faiths are catered to and you can read more on the Prison Fellowship Website about the good work they do inside prisons and jails in the UK.

You normally find that a religioun program for whatever religion you practice is held weekly but is also dependant on staff, money, security and space within the prison. Many people also find religion inside prison as a coping mechanism to be able to get by one of the worst times in their life. Others, even if they are not massively religious, find communicating and participating with the prison chaplain, prison religion programs and any workshops or faith groups that are run a calming process whilst serving a sentence. It gives others extra time out of their cell to be able to go and practie a religion.