What is Ashfield Prison Like?

What is Ashfield Prison like

What is Ashfield Prison Like? A Comprehensive Insight

HMP Ashfield, situated in the quaint village of Pucklechurch on the North East fringes of Bristol, has a history deeply rooted on the grounds of a former remand centre. This Category C adult male training facility primarily caters to those convicted of sexual offences.

A Brief Overview of HMP Ashfield

A primary objective of HMP Ashfield is the commitment to rehabilitation. It offers various intervention courses alongside a plethora of education and skills-centric programs aimed at curbing the likelihood of re-offending once inmates are reintegrated into society.

What is Ashfield Prison Like?

What is Ashfield Prison Like?

Housing and Accommodation: The residential framework is distinctly divided between two house blocks: Severn and Avon. These blocks are further fragmented into 4 wings, extending both ground floor and first-floor accommodations. With both single and double cell structures, the prison ensures inmates are given space to adapt. The Early Days Centre (EDC) is an exclusive facility for prisoners, enabling them to adjust and acclimatise to their new surroundings before transitioning to one of the main wings.

Ashfield Prison’s 2019 Inspection Findings

In the early spring of 2019, a thorough inspection of Ashfield Prison was conducted. Housing roughly 400 inmates at the time, a concerning 85% were evaluated as high or very high risk to the public, directly influencing the key concerns of the inspection.

  • Safety: The prison remarkably scored high on the safety metric, recording a mere one fight and seven assaults in the half-year leading to the inspection. The seldom use of force (only six instances) was testament to its secure environment. However, due to its low occurrence, the oversight was identified as insufficient and demanded managerial attention.
  • Perception vs Reality: Although Ashfield is generally safe, around one-third of its inmates expressed feelings of insecurity at some junctures during their stay. Unravelling the reasons behind these sentiments remains vital.
  • Respect and Relationships: The prison thrived in fostering positive relationships between the staff and inmates, with an impressive 86% of prisoners acknowledging respectful treatment by the staff. This is mirrored in the inmates’ satisfaction regarding application and complaint handling.
  • Facilities: Ashfield’s infrastructure boasts well-maintained buildings and zero overcrowding. There are dedicated spaces for gardens and animal husbandry. Other amenities, like food, health, and social care, were commended by inmates. However, a surprising revelation was the lack of strategic management in equality and diversity, necessitating senior management’s intervention.
  • Progress: Comparing the 2019 findings to the recommendations from 2015, the prison exhibited considerable improvement. 71% of the 2015 suggestions were either wholly or partially realized, especially in purposeful activity, safety, and respect.

In conclusion, when posed with the question, “What is Ashfield Prison Like?”, it can be surmised as a facility that continually strives for betterment. While there are areas demanding immediate attention, notably in rehabilitation and release planning, Ashfield remains steadfast in its commitment to safety, respect, and progressive activity. The hope remains that the prison will address its shortcomings and ascend to even higher standards in the future.


What is Ashfield Prison Like?

Ashfield Prison