Which Prison Will I Go To UK

Which Prison Will I Go To UK

Which Prison Will I Go To UK? If you are facing court or sentencing you will be asking yourself which prison do you think you will end up in the UK. There are many prisons that you could end up going to and this will be based on your location, which court you are due to be sentenced or remanded at and also what your crime and initial category will be.

What prison will i be going to?

When you are sentenced, all prisoners are given a categorisation andthis is based on length of sentence and how serious the crime was. The categories go from CAT A which is for the more serious crimes such as firear offences, Class A Drugs, Murder, Manslaughter, Rape, Explosives, Indecent Assault and high risk to the public.

If you are not in the CAT A bracket for the crimes listed above, you will more than likely be deemed a CAT B Prisoners initially. Again, depending on your sentence depends when you get recategorised, this maybe within 6 months or a year or more.

Once you get a lower risk score, you will go to a CAT C and then a CAT D. CAT D is the lowest categorisation and you will be deemed suitable for open conditions and home leave.

Which prison will i go to

Which prison will i go to? Will it be local to me?

The best way to figure out which prison you will be going to is to firstly figure out what category your crime would be listed as. 
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This may help you figure out your initial category. Once you work out your category you can start working out which prison you may end up in.

Which court are you due to have a trial or be sentenced at?

Most courts feed to the same prisons. For example, most courts inside london would feed to Wandsworth Prison or people that were sentenced at Southwark Crown Court would end up in Wandsworth.

Call the court you are due to be sentenced at and ask which feeders prisons do they transfer prisoners to. 

Ask your barrister. If you have representation ask your solicitor or barrister. They have more than likely dealt with other people in your situation before and in your area and would know roughly which prison you would be ending up in should the worst happen and you lose your case or are sentenced to a custodial sentence.

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