Send Prisoner Money

Send Prisoner Money

Send Prisoner Money: A Guide to Financial Support in UK Prisons

Introduction Supporting a loved one in a UK prison often includes providing financial assistance. Understanding the correct and secure methods to send money to a prisoner is crucial for their wellbeing and daily needs. This article guides you through the process of sending money to inmates in UK prisons.

Understanding the Importance of Financial Support in Prison

The Role of Money in Prison Life Money in prison plays a vital role in allowing inmates to purchase essentials like toiletries, additional food items, and phone credits to maintain contact with family and friends.

Supporting Inmate Welfare Providing financial support to inmates can significantly improve their quality of life, offering them autonomy in purchasing personal items and maintaining their connections outside prison.

Setting Up a Prisoner Money Account

How to Create an Account To send money to a prisoner, you first need to set up an account through the official prison money sending service used in the UK. This process typically involves verifying your identity and linking with the inmate’s prison account.

Understanding the Payment Process The money sending service allows you to deposit funds into the inmate’s account securely. This process ensures that the money reaches the inmate safely and complies with prison regulations.

Different Methods of Sending Money

Online Transactions The most common and convenient method to send money is through online transactions. This service is available through the official prison funds transfer website, allowing for quick and secure payments.

Postal Orders and Cheques While less common, some prisons still accept postal orders and cheques. However, this method is generally slower and requires adherence to specific mailing instructions.

Limits and Regulations on Money Transfers

Transfer Limits Prisons impose limits on the amount of money that can be sent and held in a prisoner’s account. These limits aim to maintain security and fairness among inmates.

Compliance with Security Measures All transactions are subject to security checks to prevent illegal activities. It’s crucial to comply with these measures to ensure your money reaches the inmate without any issues.

What Can Inmates Purchase with Money?

Items Available in the Prison Canteen Inmates can use the money to buy items from the prison canteen, such as snacks, toiletries, writing materials, and sometimes clothing.

Use of Money for Phone Calls A significant use of money in prison is for phone credits, enabling inmates to maintain contact with their loved ones, which is essential for their mental health and rehabilitation.

Timing and Frequency of Sending Money

Understanding the Best Times to Send Money Timing your money transfers can be important, particularly if the inmate relies on these funds for purchasing essentials. Regular, consistent transfers can provide stability for the inmate.

Frequency and Budgeting Deciding on the frequency and amount of money to send should be balanced with the inmate’s needs and your financial capabilities.

Ensuring Safe and Secure Transactions

Avoiding Scams and Frauds It’s essential to use only official channels for sending money to avoid scams and frauds. Always verify the authenticity of the website or service you are using.

Privacy and Data Protection When sending money, ensure that your personal and financial data are protected. Use services that guarantee data privacy and secure transactions.


Sending money to a prisoner in the UK is a straightforward process when using the correct channels. It provides essential financial support to inmates, allowing them to purchase necessary items and maintain contact with the outside world. Understanding the rules, limits, and methods of transferring money ensures that your support reaches your loved one securely and effectively.