Inner London Crown Court, UK: An Overview

The Inner London Crown Court, distinct from the Inner London Magistrates’ Court, is a Crown Court building located in Newington, London. This historical courthouse, constructed in the classical style by architect W. E. Riley, opened as the Surrey County Sessions House in 1791. It has undergone several transformations over the centuries, including a redesign and expansion in 1921. The court serves the South Eastern Circuit and, since 1971, has functioned as a Crown Court venue. It features a symmetrical main frontage facing Newington Causeway, highlighting its architectural significance.

Inner London Crown Court, Historical Courthouse in London

Contact Information for Inner London Crown Court

Inner London Crown Court Address: Sessions House, Newington Causeway, London SE1 6AZ

Inner London Crown Court Telephone: 020 7234 3100

Email address: [email protected]

Summary of Inner London County Court

The Inner London County Court, with its rich history and classical architectural design, stands as a significant judicial institution in London. Serving a crucial role in the South Eastern Circuit, it exemplifies the enduring legacy of the British legal system. For more information on UK county courts, CLICK HERE.