Category B Prisons- CAT B PRISON

Cat B Prisons

Category B Prisons are usually a local prison that most convicted prisoners will be placed into prior to categorisation. If the crime or threat isnt great enough for a cat A (Biggest threat to public, police or national security) then they will skip a CAT A and instead land in a Category B Prison to start with.

Cat B Prisoners do not need to be held in the higest security prison but in a Category B prison the level of security and chance of escape are still higher than cat c prison and cat d prison.
Whats the difference between cat b prison and cat c prison?
Category B prisoners are for prisoners how have yet earnt their Cat C status or yet to be recategorised. Remand prisoners will also be held in a Cat B rather than Cat C Prison. HMPS state that people in a cat B are less trusted than those in a Cat C and a higher chance of escape.

Category B Prisons
Cat B Prisoners

Category B Prisoner

The initial categorisation process is all dependant on the likelihook of escape, risk of the prisoner and crime they were convicted for. To be placed in a cat A rather than cat B, HMPS define this as ““those whose escape would be highly dangerous to the public or national security”.
Offences for an initial Cat A status rather than Cat B include, Murder, attempted murder, manslaughter, rape, indecent assault, firearms, robbery, importing class A drugs, explosives, terrorismt and offences under official secrets acts.
Initial Cat B status include: Services more than 10 years, serving at least 5 years of more. A previous sentence you were considered a CAT A prisoners, commited previous or current terrorist offences, whilst on remande considered provisional CAT A Prisoner. Served a previous sentence of 10 years or more. Previously escaped from open prison, police or escort. Serving a sentence for an offence of violence or threat to life, arson, firearms, drugs, sexual offence or robbery.

When will you be changed from a CAT B to CAT C Prisoner?

Your first security review for recategorisation will take place after 12 months of their sentence was passed. Cat A Prisoners will have to wait 2 years.
Cat B prisoners and cat C Prisoners who are serving more than 12 months but less than 4 will be reviewed every 6 months. If youre serving more than 4 years your review will be once a year.