Book a visit Northumberland Prison

Book a visit Northumberland Prison

Are you looking to book a visit to Northumberland Prison? Look no further as we provide you with a detailed guide on how to schedule a visit, what essentials you need to bring, the parking facilities available, visiting times, and more.

How to Book a Visit to Northumberland Prison:

To book a visit to Northumberland Prison, follow the official protocols.Visits will operate Wednesday to Sunday and can be booked as normal by the prisoner via the prison Kiosk. When visiting ensure that you have the names, dates of birth, and contact details of all the visitors and the prisoner you intend to visit when booking.

Book a visit Northumberland Prison

Book a visit Northumberland Prison - Northumberland Prison Visiting Times

Visiting hours at Northumberland Prison are operational from Wednesday to Sunday, and residents can conveniently book visits via the Kiosk as per usual procedures. It’s obligatory for prisoners to schedule their visits at least 48 hours in advance.

Booking Times Available:

  • Wednesday – Friday: – 1400 – 1600 Visits session

  • Saturday – Sunday: – Morning Session: 0930 – 1130 Visits session – Afternoon Session: 1400 – 1600 Visits session

Restrictions on Visits:

Prisoners exhibiting symptoms and currently in isolation will not be permitted to have visits.

Facilities and Refreshments:

Refreshments are accessible in the Visits Hall. However, these must be procured beforehand in the Visitors Centre. Visitors will receive a receipt which can be presented in the Visits Hall to redeem purchased items. These items will be served to your table by a Red Band prisoner. As there is limited stock, it is advised to place your orders early to prevent any inconvenience.

Search Procedures:

Search protocols during social visits will align with the prevailing guidance. We implore visitors to exhibit patience, courtesy, and understanding towards the new operational methods. The staff at HMP Northumberland are committed to ensuring the visitation experience remains as pleasurable as possible under the new norms.

What to Take With You:

When you visit Northumberland Prison, ensure you carry a valid photo ID such as a passport or a driving license. Avoid carrying large bags or items as these are generally not allowed inside the prison. It is advised to carry a small transparent bag containing essential items only.

Parking Facilities:

Yes, Northumberland Prison offers parking facilities for visitors. There is a designated parking area available, and it is advisable to arrive early to secure a parking spot. Please verify the parking rules and charges, if any, beforehand by contacting the prison directly or visiting their official website.


Booking a visit to Northumberland Prison is a straightforward process involving either an online booking system or a direct phone call. Ensure you’re well-informed about the visiting times and carry the necessary identification and minimal belongings when visiting. Parking is available on-site for visitors’ convenience.

Book a visit Northumberland Prison