What is Liverpool Prison Like?

Liverpool Prison from an aerial viewpoint, showcasing the different blocks and recreational areas.

Liverpool Prison, located in Merseyside, is a Category B Local facility with a capacity for 1,173 inmates. Established in 1855 and operated by Her Majesty’s Prison Service (HMPS), the prison has a longstanding history and is known for its positive work environment, robust community links, and innovative programmes. Keep reading for an all-encompassing look at what life is like in this storied institution.

A Brief History of Liverpool Prison

Opened in 1855, Liverpool Prison has been a cornerstone in the British correctional system for over a century. Located in the heart of Merseyside, it has seen countless transformations, always aiming to adapt to modern correctional standards.


Situated in Merseyside, Liverpool Prison serves a vast demographic, both locally and from surrounding areas.

What is Liverpool Prison Like?

What is Liverpool Prison Like?

What’s it Really Like Inside Liverpool Prison?

For Prisoners

Inmates express a high level of satisfaction with the staff, emphasising the quality of relationships between them. They particularly appreciate the ‘Steps to the Gate’ pre-release programme, highlighting its thorough and broad-ranging approach. This initiative has extensive ties with external agencies and employers, providing a holistic approach to reintegration.

For Officers

Officers also affirm the positive staff-prisoner relations, emphasising a sense of safety within the prison walls. There’s strong camaraderie and mutual support amongst staff, and new officers find the environment welcoming. The management receives high praise, notably for its visibility and approachability, led by the Governor. The new Keywork scheme, currently under pilot, is considered a positive development.

For Managers

Management corroborates the positive feedback from both prisoners and officers. The environment is described as safe, and the front-line staff are applauded for their resilience, passion, and positive attitudes. There’s a special mention for gym staff who, aside from their roles within the prison, extend their community work, including an annual Christmas event for the elderly. The new Keyworker scheme is well-implemented, and the on-site staff care and welfare facility is another highlight.

From the Governor’s Desk

Although recently appointed, the Governor is effusive in her praise for both the frontline staff and management. She considers them some of the best professionals she’s had the pleasure of working with.

Facilities and Programmes

Beyond the security gates, Liverpool Prison offers a range of programmes designed for rehabilitation. Their highly-rated ‘Steps to the Gate’ initiative stands out for its extensive community links and comprehensive support for prisoners approaching release.

Latest News and Updates

As of the date of the last visit on 22nd February 2018, there haven’t been any significant issues that have made the news. The focus remains on keeping the environment safe and conducive for both the prisoners and the staff.


Liverpool Prison stands as a model Category B institution, with its positive staff-prisoner relationships, range of programmes, and community outreach efforts.

Contact Information

  • Address: Merseyside
  • Date of Last Visit: 22 February 2018
  • Prison Type: Category B Local
  • Capacity: 1,173
  • Operator: HMPS
What is Liverpool Prison Like?