HMP Feltham

HMP Feltham, located in the outskirts of London, is a unique correctional facility in the UK, primarily focusing on young offenders. It has been operational for many years, evolving to meet the specific needs of younger inmates. The prison is divided into two parts: Feltham A for young offenders aged 15-18 and Feltham B for young adults aged 18-21. As a facility that caters to young offenders, it plays a crucial role in rehabilitation and education.

HMP Feltham

Life Inside HMP Feltham

Life at HMP Feltham is structured to provide discipline while also focusing on rehabilitation and education. Inmates follow a strict daily routine, with their activities closely monitored. The prison provides various programs and workshops aimed at rehabilitation, skill development, and preparing inmates for life after release.

Directions to HMP Feltham

HMP Feltham is accessible via public transport and by car. By bus, catch the H26 from either Feltham or Hatton Cross. The nearest train stations are Feltham (connecting to London Waterloo and Reading) and Hatton Cross on the Piccadilly Line. By car, the prison can be reached from the North via the M1 and M25, from the South via the M3, and from the West via the M4. Parking is restricted at the prison.

Booking a Visit to HMP Feltham

Visits can be booked by calling 0208 844 5400, with lines open from 08:15-20:00 Mon-Fri and 08:15-11:45 Sat & Sun. Visits must be booked at least 24 hours in advance. You can also book visits in person at the visitors centre after the end of each visiting session.

HMP Feltham Visiting Times

  • For 15-18-year-olds: Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday between 13:00-16:30; Sunday 13:00-14:45.
  • For 18-21-year-olds: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday 13:00-16:30; Sunday 15:15-16:30.

HMP Feltham Address

Bedfont Road, Feltham, Middlesex, TW13 4ND

HMP Feltham Telephone Number

  • Main switchboard: 020 8844 5000
  • Visits booking: 0208 844 5400

Parking at HMP Feltham

  • Parking is restricted at the prison.