Kirkham Prison

Kirkham Prison: Contact Details, Telephone Number, Address and Book a visit

Kirkham Prison, located in the rural outskirts of Kirkham in Lancashire, is an open Category D men’s prison. Established during World War II in 1940, initially as a Royal Air Force training base, it was converted into a prison in 1962. Over the decades, Kirkham has evolved to focus on the rehabilitation and resettlement of its inmates. With a capacity to house approximately 650 prisoners, Kirkham Prison plays a pivotal role in preparing inmates for their reintegration into society.

What is Kirkham Prison Like and Life Inside the Prison for a Prisoner

Life at Kirkham Prison is structured to foster a sense of responsibility and independence among inmates, preparing them for life after release. As an open prison, it offers a more relaxed regime compared to higher category facilities, allowing inmates greater freedom and responsibility. The prison provides a variety of educational and vocational training opportunities, alongside work placements both within the prison and in the local community. This approach aims to equip inmates with the skills and experience needed for life outside prison.

Inmates at Kirkham can engage in a range of activities, from educational courses to vocational training in areas such as construction, horticulture, and catering. The prison also emphasizes physical well-being, with sports and fitness facilities available for inmates to use. Support services, including healthcare, chaplaincy, and psychological services, are accessible to address the diverse needs of the prison population.

Directions to Kirkham Prison

Kirkham Prison is situated in the Lancashire countryside, near the town of Kirkham. If travelling by car, the prison can be accessed via the M55 motorway, taking exit 3 and following the signs to Kirkham. For those using public transport, the nearest train stations are Kirkham & Wesham and Preston, from which you can take a bus or taxi to the prison.

How To Book a Visit to Kirkham Prison

To book a visit at Kirkham Prison, you must first be on the approved visitors list, which the inmate can arrange. Once approved, you can book your visit online through the official prison visits booking system or by contacting the prison’s visit booking line.

Kirkham Prison Visiting Times

Visiting times at Kirkham Prison are generally:

  • Weekdays: 14:00 – 16:00
  • Weekends: 09:00 – 11:00 and 14:00 – 16:00

It’s advisable to check with the prison for the most current visiting hours.

Kirkham Prison Address and Telephone Number

Kirkham Prison Address

The address for Kirkham Prison is:

Kirkham Prison, Freckleton Road, Kirkham, Preston, Lancashire, PR4 2RN

Kirkham Prison Telephone Number

For general enquiries, you can contact Kirkham Prison at 01772 675 400.

Book a Visit to Kirkham Prison

To book a visit, you can either use the online booking system or call the prison’s visit booking line. Make sure to have your identification details and the name of the inmate you wish to visit ready.

Kirkham Prison Parking

Parking facilities are available at Kirkham Prison. The car park is situated near the main entrance and is free of charge.

Kirkham Prison Email Address

For email correspondence, you can reach out to Kirkham Prison at [email protected].