Prison Voicemail

Prison Voicemail

Prison Voicemail

Prison Voicemail is a prison service which allows family of friends to leave a voicemail on the prison phone for the prisoner. The user leaves a prison voicemail on a dedicated number which the prisoner calls into from the prison phone to hear the prison voicemail, they can leave one in return for the caller to listen to at their convenience. Click here to download our Prison Guide

How do you leave a voicemail for a prisoner? Prison Voicemail is beneficial as it is often difficult to know when a prisoner may call and for the family or friends of a prisoner to make contact and usually have to wait for the prisoner to initiate the call. Using Prison Voicemail gives some power back to family and friends as they may want to relay a message to the prisoner and can do so instantly so it is ready for the prisoner, once they get access to the prison phone, to be able to pick up the message or just a nice friendly voice recording from a loved one.


Prison Voicemail
Prison Voicemail

Prison Voicemail

So how does Prison Voicemail Work?

1: You can Leave a voicemail for a prisoner at any time by calling the unique number to you and the prisoner. The message is then instantly available at the other end ready for the prisoner to pick up whenever they are ready.

2: The prison calls the unique number, gets notification that they have a new message and it will cost the prisoner to same amount as a normal landline call from the prison phone

3: Once the prisoner has listened to the message they can leave their own reply ready. The caller then gets a notification instantly and can hear the response left by the prisoner


What does Prison Voicemail Cost?

There are various packages for Prison voicemail and depending on the frequency of use depends on which package of prison voicemail would be right for you.

Bronze Package:
25 Minutes
£5 Per Month

Silver Package
75 Minutes
£7.50 Per Month

Gold Package
100 Minutes
£10 Per Month

You can sign up for prison voicemail here

DO YOU NEED PRISON HELP? You can get support for the prisoner and the family here