What prison is near me?

what prison is near me

What prison is near me? Discover prisons in your vicinity within the UK. Browse through our extensive guide to find specific information about prison categories, capacities, and locations across different areas. Whether your search is for research, visitation, or employment, get detailed insights into nearby prisons, including high-security and open facilities.

Are you searching for “what prison is near me” in the UK? Whether you’re looking for information for visitation, conducting research, or seeking employment, our comprehensive guide offers insights into prisons categorized by areas, types, and capacities.

Finding a prison near your location might be essential for various reasons, such as visitations, research, employment opportunities, or legal counsel. When you ask, “What prison is near me?”, you are likely looking for the most accurate and up-to-date information available. Our extensive and user-friendly guide is designed to assist you in locating prisons in the UK based on your specific area, providing insights into the categories and capacities of each facility. Explore the diverse range of high-security to open facilities within regions such as Greater London, North West England, the West Midlands, South East England, and Yorkshire and the Humber. Our resource aims to give you a comprehensive overview, directing you towards more detailed information and resources, ensuring you find the prison that corresponds to your needs and location promptly and efficiently.


What prison is near me?

Prisons by Specific Areas in the UK

1. Greater London Area

  • Wandsworth Prison
    • Category: B
    • Capacity: 1,628
  • Belmarsh Prison
    • Category: A
    • Capacity: 910

What prison is near me?

2. North West England

  • Manchester Prison
    • Category: B
    • Capacity: 1,209
  • Liverpool Prison
    • Category: B
    • Capacity: 1,324

3. West Midlands

  • Birmingham Prison
    • Category: B
    • Capacity: 1,450
  • Featherstone Prison
    • Category: C
    • Capacity: 687

4. South East England

  • Bullingdon Prison
    • Category: C
    • Capacity: 1,114
  • Lewes Prison
    • Category: B
    • Capacity: 742

5. Yorkshire and the Humber

  • Leeds Prison
    • Category: B
    • Capacity: 1,212
  • Moorland Prison
    • Category: C
    • Capacity: 1,006

Understanding Prison Categories

In the UK, prisons are categorized to represent the level of security they provide.

  • Category A: High-security prisons housing inmates that pose the highest risk to the public.
  • Category B: Prisons with a high level of security but are not equipped to manage the highest-risk inmates.
  • Category C: Prisons that house inmates who cannot be trusted in open conditions but are unlikely to try to escape.
  • Category D: Open prisons with minimal security where inmates are trusted to serve their sentences with minimal supervision and disruption.

Explore Prisons Near You

The prisons listed above are just a snapshot of the extensive network of facilities across the UK. The search for “what prison is near me” will depend on your specific location within the United Kingdom, and our guide is designed to provide you with an initial overview and to direct you towards more detailed resources and information based on your needs.

Additional Resources

For a comprehensive list of prisons in the UK by specific areas, detailed information about each facility, visitation guidelines, and contact information, refer to the Ministry of Justice Website. Or our full prison list which you can view here


Whether your interest in searching “what prison is near me” stems from academic research, family visitation, or employment opportunities, it is essential to understand the varying categories and capacities of each prison. The diverse range of prisons across the UK offers a spectrum of security levels and inmate capacities. Be sure to explore more detailed, area-specific resources to find the exact information you seek about prisons near you in the United Kingdom.

what prison is near me