Prisons in Liverpool

Liverpool Prisons

Prisons in Liverpool include Altcourse and HMP Liverpool. Altcourse prison is located in merseyside and has a capacity of over 1164 prisoners. It was opened in 1997 and was one of the first prisons to be run privately. Altcourse was built by Tarmac Construction and won £10Million for the contracts.

Altcourse Prison in Liverpool was reported as being the most overcrowded prison with 1324 Prisoners in 2005.

HM Prison Liverpool based in Walton, Liverpool has a capacity of 1370 prisoners and opened in 1855. It was designed originally by John Weightman and when it first opened held male and female prisoners but now just holds male inmates.


Prisons in Liverpool List

Prisons In Liverpool

Prisons In Liverpool

Liverpool Prison is a remand and sentenced prison for male adults and has 8 wings. Liverpool prison is seen as one of the largst in the UK and offers education and training courses to the inmates. They also have their own radio station called Walton Radio.

Due to overcrowding, lack of funding and lack of staff, the prison often has reports of risks to prisoners, safety for both, prisoners and staff and drug and psychiatric issues.