What is Wymott Prison Like?

What is Wymott Prison Like?

What is Wymott Prison Like? A Comprehensive Overview


If you’re searching for information on Wymott Prison, you’ve landed on the right page. This article aims to provide a detailed look into the life, history, and facilities of Wymott Prison. Whether you’re a family member of an inmate, a legal professional, or simply curious, this guide will offer you valuable insights.

Recent News

Recent updates about Wymott Prison indicate a focus on rehabilitation and educational programmes for inmates. The prison has also been in the news for its efforts to improve security measures, aiming to reduce incidents of violence and contraband.

Location and Contact Details

Wymott Prison is located in Lancashire, England, and can be reached at: Address: Ulnes Walton Ln, Leyland PR26 8LW, United Kingdom
Phone: +44 1772 443300

What is Wymott Prison Like?

What is Wymott Prison Like?

Is There Parking?

Yes, Wymott Prison provides parking facilities for visitors.

Category of the Prison

Wymott Prison is a Category C men’s prison, which means it is designed for inmates who cannot be trusted in open conditions but are considered to be less likely to escape.

History of Wymott Prison

Established in the 1980s, Wymott Prison has undergone several changes and expansions over the years. Initially designed to be a training prison, it has evolved to include a focus on rehabilitation and education for its inmates.

What’s It Like for a Prisoner?

Living Conditions

Inmates at Wymott Prison generally find the living conditions to be adequate, with ongoing efforts to improve facilities. The prison is equipped with modern amenities, making the environment more conducive for rehabilitation.

Rehabilitation and Education

Wymott Prison offers a range of educational and vocational training programmes, aimed at equipping inmates with skills for a better life post-release. These programmes have been praised for their effectiveness and focus on real-world applicability.

Safety and Staff Relations

Safety is a priority at Wymott, with recent improvements in security measures. Inmates have noted that staff are generally professional and approachable, fostering a more positive environment within the prison.

Management’s Perspective

Security Measures

Management has been proactive in enhancing security measures to reduce violence and contraband. This includes the use of advanced technology and regular staff training.

Staff Training and Recognition

There is a strong emphasis on staff training to ensure they are well-equipped to manage the prison population. Staff are also recognised for their contributions through various awards and recognitions.

Officers’ Views

Officers at Wymott Prison appreciate the focus on staff training and the proactive approach of the management. They believe that these factors contribute to a safer and more efficient working environment.


Wymott Prison is a facility that has evolved over the years to focus on rehabilitation and education, in addition to maintaining security. With its modern amenities and various programmes, it aims to provide a constructive environment for inmates. For more information or to plan a visit, you can contact the prison directly using the details provided above.

What is Wymott Prison Like?