HMP Hollesley Bay

HMP Hollesley Bay, located in Suffolk, England, is a Category D men’s prison known for its open, rural setting. It primarily focuses on preparing inmates for release, providing various work and educational opportunities.

Life Inside HMP Hollesley Bay

The prison offers a range of vocational training, educational courses, and work experience programs. Inmates can engage in activities like gardening, woodworking, and catering. Hollesley Bay is known for its relaxed environment, aiming to rehabilitate rather than just confine.

HMP Hollesley Bay

Directions to HMP Hollesley Bay

HMP Hollesley Bay is situated in the Suffolk countryside near Woodbridge. It’s accessible by road via the A12 and the B1083. The nearest railway station is Melton, from which you can take a taxi to the prison.

Visitation Booking at HMP Hollesley Bay

To visit someone at Hollesley Bay, you need to book in advance. Visits can be booked online or via telephone. The visiting hours vary, so it’s essential to check the current schedule when planning a visit.

Contact Details for HMP Hollesley Bay

The contact details for HMP Hollesley Bay are as follows:

  • Address: Hollesley Bay, Woodbridge, Suffolk, IP12 3JW, United Kingdom​​​​​​.
  • Telephone: 01394 412400​​​​.