Brighton County Court and Family Court - Address, Contact Details, and More

Brighton County and Family Court, located on William Street, Brighton, East Sussex, BN2 0RF, serves the community of Brighton and the surrounding areas. This establishment has a long-standing history of providing legal services.

Brighton County Court Building

Brighton County Court Matters Dealt With

Brighton County and Family Court handle a wide range of legal matters, including adoption, bankruptcy, children’s cases, divorce hearings, domestic violence, High Court District Registry, housing possession, and money claims.

Contact Information for Brighton County and Family Court:

  • Enquiries: 01273 674421
  • Fax: 0870 3240319
  • Urgent queries: 01273 388421
  • DX: 98070 Brighton 3

Email Contacts:

Directions to Brighton County and Family Court from Brighton Train Station: By car, Brighton County and Family Court can be reached within a 10-minute drive via A270 A23.

Facilities Available at Brighton County and Family Court:

  • Assistance dogs are welcome.
  • One interview room is available for urgent appointments only, while eight consultation rooms are located on the first floor.
  • Baby changing facilities are located on the ground floor in the accessible toilet.
  • Hearing enhancement facilities are provided.
  • Video conferencing facilities are available in court/hearing rooms, excluding prison to court video links.
  • For security purposes, all visitors and their belongings undergo a security check upon entering the building, which includes a security arch. Please inform the security officer if you have a pacemaker.
  • A chilled water dispenser is available on the first-floor landing.
  • A public waiting area is situated outside all hearing rooms.
  • WiFi is accessible throughout the building, with details available in waiting areas.
  • An accessible toilet is located on the ground floor, and a lift is available for access to the first floor.
  • Public toilets are provided on the first floor.

How to Prepare for Court: Preparing for a court appearance is essential to ease anxiety and feel more in control. Start by gathering all necessary documentation, including your hearing letter and relevant paperwork. Consulting with a solicitor for guidance and advice can be invaluable, given their expertise in navigating the court process. Additionally, consider dressing appropriately to make a positive impression during your court appearance. These preparations will help you approach your court date with confidence.

Attending a Courthouse Hearing: Entering a courthouse can be daunting, especially for first-timers. Arriving early is crucial to allow time for traffic and security procedures. Once inside, adhere to strict security protocols and maintain focus and respect throughout the hearing. Avoid distractions like phone usage and photography. Approaching the courthouse hearing with the right mindset can turn it into a beneficial experience for all parties involved.

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