Carmarthen County Court: Comprehensive Guide

Carmarthen County Court is an essential judicial body serving the Carmarthen area, handling a variety of cases ranging from family matters to high-profile civil disputes. Located at Hill House, Picton Terrace, this court plays a pivotal role in the administration of justice within the region.

Carmarthen County Court

Carmarthen County Court Contact Details, Telephone, and Address

For those needing to reach out to Carmarthen County Court, here are the latest contact details and facilities information:

Address: Carmarthen County Court and Family Court
The Hearing Centre, Hill House
Picton Terrace, Carmarthen
SA31 3BT


  • General Enquiries: 01267 226780
  • Welsh Language Helpline: 0300 303 5174
  • Social Security and Child Support: 0300 123 1142
  • Tribunal (Wales Employment Tribunal): 02920 678100



  • Disabled access and toilet facilities
  • Baby changing facilities
  • Interview rooms
  • Waiting room
  • Video conference facility
  • Prayer/quiet room
  • Wireless network connection

What Type of Cases are Heard at Carmarthen County Court?

Carmarthen County Court deals with a wide range of cases. Here’s an overview:

  • Bankruptcy
  • Childcare arrangements for separated partners
  • Domestic abuse cases
  • High Court cases, including serious civil and criminal matters
  • Housing disputes
  • Money claims

This ensures that Carmarthen County Court provides comprehensive legal services to the community, addressing various legal needs effectively.

Additional Information about Carmarthen County Court

Carmarthen County Court serves the broader Carmarthenshire area, including key regions such as Carmarthen, Llanelli, and surrounding locales. The court operates Monday to Friday, from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM, ensuring accessibility for those seeking legal assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is the telephone number for Carmarthen County Court?

The telephone number for Carmarthen County Court is 01267 226780 for general enquiries.

2. Where is Carmarthen County Court located?

Carmarthen County Court is located at Hill House, Picton Terrace, Carmarthen, SA31 3BT.

3. What types of cases are handled by Carmarthen County Court?

Carmarthen County Court handles cases including bankruptcy, childcare arrangements, domestic abuse, serious civil and criminal matters, housing disputes, and money claims.

4. Is there parking available at Carmarthen County Court?

Yes, Carmarthen County Court provides disabled parking facilities.

5. Can I get legal advice at Carmarthen County Court?

While Carmarthen County Court handles a variety of cases, individuals seeking legal advice should consult with a qualified solicitor.

Summary and Conclusion

Carmarthen County Court is a cornerstone of the legal framework in Carmarthen, offering essential services for a wide range of legal matters. Whether you’re dealing with family issues, financial disputes, or housing problems, Carmarthen County Court provides the necessary judicial oversight to ensure justice is served.

For more detailed information about the types of cases and services offered, visit the GOV.UK Carmarthen County Court page.

By understanding the comprehensive services provided by Carmarthen County Court, you can better navigate your legal challenges with confidence and clarity. Read about other courts such as Carlisle County Court