What is Rochester Prison Like?

Rochester Prison entrance with a focus on its security measures

What is Rochester Prison Like?


Want to find out what life is like inside Rochester Prison? This comprehensive article covers its history, conditions for prisoners, location, and noteworthy reports about the prison.

Brief History

Established in 1874, Rochester Prison is a Category C facility located in Kent. Managed by Her Majesty’s Prison Service (HMPS), it has the capacity to accommodate 802 inmates.


Situated in the county of Kent, Rochester Prison has been the focus of 23 official visits, the latest of which was conducted on 13 June 2018.

Inside the Prison Walls: The Inmate Perspective

Safety and Relationships

Prisoners at Rochester generally feel safe and speak highly of the staff. They appreciate the supportive relationships with staff, and various peer support roles like Listeners and VR reps contribute to reducing conflicts within the prison.

What is Rochester Prison Like?

What is Rochester Prison Like?

Amenities and Support

Inmates find in-cell phones invaluable and also appreciate having showers in some cells. Family support is particularly strong, featuring excellent visit facilities, family days, and even a much-loved fudge cake served during visits.

Governance and Representation

Regular meetings between the Prison Council and senior managers have a positive influence, according to inmates. Regular meetings with wing representatives also contribute to problem-solving and communication within the facility.

From the Managerial Lens

Overall Environment

The prison prides itself on a clean and tidy environment, which management views as beneficial for everyone. Staff are highly skilled and caring, and they make Rochester a resilient and positive place.

Staff and Services

Staff well-being is a priority, with regular well-being days and a proactive care team. The mental health in-reach service is particularly praised, especially for involving families during crises.

The Officers’ Take

Team Dynamics

Officers describe good relations both among staff members and between staff and inmates. Newcomers receive strong support and a warm welcome, contributing to the generally safe atmosphere.

Family and Council Support

Maintaining family ties is a highlight at Rochester, boosted by partnerships with charities like Spurgeons. Officers believe that the Prison Council and wing representative meetings are constructive platforms for communication.


Rochester Prison offers a balanced environment that aims to prioritise both safety and well-being. With a positive atmosphere, strong family support, and proactive governance, it sets an example for Category C prisons in the UK.

Recent News

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What is Rochester Prison Like?