YOI Young Offender Institutions Prison list UK

YOI Prisons List UK

YOI Young Offender Institution Prisons List UK. There are currently 5 YOI and Young Offender prisons in the UK.

A YOI Prison is classed as secure accommodation for ‘child’ offenders that must be placed in custody. In effect, boys aged between 15-17 and young male adults between the ages of 18-21 will be placed in the Young Offenders Institute.


YOI Prison List UK

Young Offender Prison List UK:

Cookham Wood YOI Prison

Feltham Prison

Parc Prison

Werrington Prison

Wetherby Prison

Which YOI Child your prison will go to all depends on the Youth Custody Placement  Service Team. They decide which children end up at which YOI prisons.

Boys over the age of 15 usually get sent to the young offender insitution (YOI) and 18-21 year olds held in separate units due to safety. 

Different from normal male prisons, the YOI’s are governed by the YOI rules. 

If you that your child should not be placed in a certain prison due to fear of safety or location etc then you and your legal representatves have the right to challenge the placement decision.

YOI Prisons UK

How many YOI Prisons in the UK?

How many YOI Prisons in the UK? Currently there are 5 young offender institutions in the UK and are for young offenders between the age range of 15-21. However, 15-17 will normally be in a different unit than those aged between 18-21.


What Does YOI stand for? What Does YOI Mean?

YOI means Young Offender Institution which is run by the HM Prison and Probation Service.