What is Bullingdon Prison Like?

What is bullingdon prison like

What is Bullingdon Prison Like? A Comprehensive Overview

Introduction to HMP Bullingdon

HMP Bullingdon is located near Bicester and has been a subject of scrutiny due to various challenges it has faced over the years. While the prison has made improvements in certain aspects like safety, it still has its share of problems that make it a topic of public concern.

What is Bullingdon Prison Like?

Bullingdon Prison Ranking

In a study conducted by Stuart Miller Solicitors, based on an inmate survey carried out by HM Chief Inspector of Prisons, Bullingdon Prison received a low overall rating of 28.36%. This rating made it one of the lowest-ranked institutions among 106 surveyed prisons. In contrast, the best-performing prison, HMP East Sutton Park in Kent, scored an 89.43%. The ranking focused on multiple factors, including cleanliness, food, visitor access, and accommodations.

Areas of Concern


Bullingdon has a significant overcrowding issue. Around 23% of its cells, which were designed for single occupancy, now accommodate two prisoners.

Bullingdon Prison

What is Bullingdon Prison Like?

Violence and Drugs

Issues with violence and drug-related activities continue to plague the institution.

Education and Employment

The provision of education, skills, and work opportunities in the prison is less than ideal. At the time of a recent inspection, 140 prisoners were unemployed, while only 65% were engaged in some form of activity, either full or part-time.

High-risk Prisoners

One alarming detail was that high-risk inmates had little to no contact with offender supervisors, and the public protection measures in place were deemed insufficient.


On a positive note, healthcare services have seen improvement, according to recent assessments.

Bullingdon Prison

Recent Developments

A more updated report from 2019 mentioned that the prison had made “significant improvements,” especially in terms of safety and respect. The prison’s conditions were upgraded from ‘not sufficiently good’ to ‘reasonably good.’

Prison Governor Ian Blakeman acknowledges the ongoing issues and has developed an action plan focusing on violence and drugs. However, he cited budget limitations as a hindrance to addressing overcrowding.

Why the Rankings Matter

Stuart Miller Solicitors initiated the prison rankings to fill an information gap. They aim to provide useful data for those who may be sentenced to prison and their families, offering them a clearer picture of what to expect.

Official Comment

While the HM Inspectorate of Prisons and the Prisons & Probation Ombudsman were asked for their views on the poor rating, they declined to comment.


HMP Bullingdon has seen some improvements but still faces serious challenges, including overcrowding, violence, and inadequate educational opportunities. Those considering or facing time at this facility should be aware of its current conditions and continue to monitor for any further improvements or setbacks.