Overview of Long Lartin Prison

Book a Prison Visit To Long Lartin Prison to see one of the UK’s high-security institutions. Located near Evesham in Worcestershire, Long Lartin is a Category A men’s prison housing some of the country’s most serious offenders. Established in 1971, this prison has evolved significantly, incorporating modern security measures and a focus on rehabilitation. With a capacity of around 622 inmates, Long Lartin is well-equipped to handle high-risk individuals while offering various programs to aid in their rehabilitation and eventual reintegration into society.


Book a Prison Visit To Long Lartin Prison

How to Book a Prison Visit to Long Lartin Prison

Booking a prison visit to Long Lartin Prison is straightforward but must be done in advance. Visits can be booked by telephone, ensuring you are on the inmate’s approved visitor list. The booking line is open Monday to Friday from 9:30 am to 2:30 pm at 01386 295188. When booking, you need to provide the name and number of the prisoner, the V/O number, and the date you wish to visit. Arriving at least 30 minutes before your scheduled visit is recommended to complete the necessary security checks.


Visiting Times for Long Lartin Prison

Book a Prison Visit To Long Lartin Prison during the following times:

  • Tuesday: 2:00 pm – 3:00 pm
  • Thursday: 2:00 pm – 3:00 pm
  • Saturday: 2:00 pm – 3:00 pm
  • Sunday: 2:00 pm – 3:00 pm

Make sure to book your visit at least 72 hours in advance as weekend slots tend to fill up quickly. Each visit lasts for one hour, and it is advisable to arrive early to complete the check-in process smoothly.

Parking Information and Directions to Long Lartin Prison

Book a Prison Visit To Long Lartin Prison and plan your journey carefully. The prison is located in South Littleton, Worcestershire, WR11 8TZ. Parking is available at the prison, but spaces are limited, so early arrival is recommended.

By Car:

  • From the M40 Junction 15, take the A46 to Stratford upon Avon, then the A34 to the centre of Stratford. Follow local roads via B439 to Bidford on Avon, turning left over the bridge to Honeybourne, and following signs to Long Lartin.

By Train:

  • The nearest railway stations are Evesham (6 miles away) and Honeybourne (3 minutes away). From Evesham, take a bus directly to the prison. Honeybourne station is a small platform, so ensure you have pre-booked a taxi if using this station.

By Bus:

  • Regular bus services run from Evesham to Long Lartin. Check local schedules to plan your journey accordingly.

What to Take with You to a Visit at Long Lartin Prison

Book a Prison Visit To Long Lartin Prison and prepare appropriately for the visit. Visitors must bring valid identification, such as a passport or driving licence. Personal belongings, including mobile phones, must be left in lockers provided at the visitor centre.

Guidelines for Visitors:

  • What to Wear: Dress conservatively. Avoid revealing clothing and excessive jewellery. Comfortable, casual wear is advisable.
  • What to Bring: A small amount of money for vending machines if you wish to purchase snacks or drinks during the visit.
  • What to Expect: Upon arrival, you will undergo a security check. This includes metal detectors and possibly a pat-down search. Once cleared, you will proceed to the visitors’ hall where you will be seated with the inmate.

Maintaining a respectful and calm demeanour during the visit is crucial. The prison staff will provide guidance and ensure all rules are followed to guarantee a safe and smooth visit.


  1. Book a Prison Visit To Long Lartin Prison: How Early Should I Arrive?

    • It is recommended to arrive at least 30 minutes before your scheduled visit to complete the security checks.
  2. What Identification is Required to Book a Prison Visit To Long Lartin Prison?

    • Valid photo identification such as a passport or driving licence is required for all visitors.
  3. Can Children Visit Long Lartin Prison?

    • Yes, children can visit, but at least one adult over 18 must accompany them. Ensure you check the specific guidelines regarding the number of children allowed per visit.
  4. Are There Facilities for Disabled Visitors at Long Lartin Prison?

    • Yes, the visitor centre is equipped with facilities for disabled visitors, including accessible toilets.
  5. What Can I Bring to a Visit at Long Lartin Prison?

    • Visitors can bring identification and a small amount of money for vending machines. Personal items such as mobile phones and large bags must be left in lockers.
  6. How Do I Book a Visit to Long Lartin Prison by Telephone?

    • Call the booking line at 01386 295188 during office hours to schedule your visit.
  7. What Are the Visiting Times for Long Lartin Prison?

    • Visits are on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday from 2:00 pm to 3:00 pm.
  8. How Long Does a Visit Last at Long Lartin Prison?

    • Each visit lasts one hour from the time you are seated in the visitor hall.
  9. Can I Send Gifts to an Inmate at Long Lartin Prison?

    • Yes, you can send approved items. It is advisable to contact the prison for a list of permissible items.
  10. What Should I Expect During a Security Check at Long Lartin Prison?

    • Expect to pass through a metal detector and possibly undergo a pat-down search. This is to ensure the safety and security of everyone in the facility.

Summary and Conclusion

Book a Prison Visit To Long Lartin Prison to maintain vital connections with inmates. Understanding the booking process, visiting times, and visitor guidelines ensures a smooth and respectful visit. For more information, visit the official GOV.UK page on Long Lartin Prison.

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