What is Ranby Prison Like?

Inside Ranby Prison: A scene of an educational workshop where prisoners engage in vocational training.

What is Ranby Prison Like? A Comprehensive Overview of the Category C Facility

A Glimpse into Ranby Prison’s History

Situated in Nottinghamshire, Ranby Prison is a Category C facility that has been operational since 1972. With a capacity for 1,038 prisoners, the institution is managed by HMPS and has evolved over the years to incorporate enhanced safety and rehabilitation methods.

What It’s Like for Inmates

Councils and Mentors

The inmates at Ranby highly value the Prisoner Council, deeming it effective for voicing their concerns. Peer support mentors, notably the Listeners and violence reduction reps, are particularly well-regarded.

Facilities and Training

Induction is robust, giving inmates a good understanding of the available resources and future opportunities. There are many educational programmes, including a Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS) course, Physical Training NVQs, and mentor-specific NVQs. A focus on education is clearly evident.

What is Ranby Prison Like?

What is Ranby Prison Like?

Minority Support

Special events and support for minority groups are highlighted as a strong suit of the prison, often involving both staff and prisoners.

Officer Perspectives

Safety and Morale

Officers have noted a marked improvement in safety, with levels of Spice being “much improved.” Staff morale is high, with new members receiving an extended period of support and mentorship.

Staff Amenities

Events such as staff BBQs and Christmas dinners add to the quality of life for officers. They also appreciate the monthly training sessions and regular consultations led by the management.

Manager Insights

Safety and Community Initiatives

Managers point to successful staff-prisoner relations, supported by joint events like ‘quiz & curry’ nights. Keywork and trained staff have greatly aided safety within the prison.

Professional Training

Various educational programmes and training options are available, including workshops with employment prerequisites upon release.


Ranby Prison is located in Nottinghamshire, making it accessible for visitors and families. Its central location contributes to its role in the UK prison network.

Recent News and Events

In addition to regular reviews, the prison has been in the news for its advancements in safety measures and its unique approach to training and staff-prisoner relations.


Ranby Prison offers more than just detention; it’s a hub of rehabilitation, safety, and community. From inmates to staff, the prison reflects an environment keen on progress, making it a standout facility in the UK’s penal system.

What is Ranby Prison Like?