HMP Dovegate: Overview and Key Information

HMP Dovegate, a Category B men’s prison, is located near Uttoxeter in Staffordshire. Operated by Serco, this facility stands out due to its unique therapeutic community designed to help inmates break the cycle of reoffending. The prison opened its doors in 2001 and has since expanded to accommodate up to 1,160 inmates​​​​.


HMP Dovegate

History of HMP Dovegate

HMP Dovegate was established in 2001 under a private finance initiative contract with Serco. The facility was designed to offer both standard imprisonment and specialized therapeutic treatments. In 2009, the prison expanded its capacity with the addition of new accommodation blocks, allowing it to house more inmates and enhancing its therapeutic capabilities​​​​.


Location and Capacity

HMP Dovegate is situated in the rural area of Uttoxeter, Staffordshire. The prison can accommodate up to 1,160 male inmates, including those on remand and those serving both short and long-term sentences. The prison is well-connected, with a bus service running every two hours to and from Uttoxeter and Burton upon Trent​​​​.

Prisoner Categorisation and Population

HMP Dovegate holds Category B male prisoners, which includes those convicted of serious offenses and considered to be of high risk but not the highest security risk. The prison population consists of adult males over the age of 21, including those awaiting trial, remand prisoners, and convicted inmates serving long-term sentences​​​​.

Facilities and Regime

The facilities at HMP Dovegate are extensive and designed to support both security and rehabilitation. The prison includes:

  • Educational Programs: Classes range from basic skills to Open University courses, with space for 126 prisoners to receive part-time education five days a week​​​​.
  • Healthcare Services: A 24-hour primary healthcare facility with a full-time medical officer is available to all inmates​​​​.
  • Therapeutic Community: The UK’s only privately run therapeutic prison is located within HMP Dovegate, aiming to help inmates address the root causes of their criminal behavior through structured programs and counseling​​​​.
  • Recreational Facilities: These include a gym, sports centre, and a library with over 6,000 books. The prison also offers various physical activities such as football and weight training​​​​.
  • Visitation Facilities: There is a staffed visitors’ centre and a visiting area with both indoor and outdoor children’s play areas​​​​.

Recent News and Developments

HMP Dovegate has faced challenges such as allegations of staff misconduct and issues with violence and drug use among inmates. In 2017, an inspection revealed high levels of violence and drug availability, prompting calls for improvement​​. Despite these challenges, the prison continues to work on maintaining safety and providing effective rehabilitation programs.

Visiting HMP Dovegate

Visits are an essential aspect of maintaining family connections for inmates. Visitors to HMP Dovegate must adhere to specific guidelines and book their visits in advance. The prison has adapted its visiting procedures in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, ensuring safety for all parties involved

FAQs about HMP Dovegate

  1. What is HMP Dovegate?

    • HMP Dovegate is a Category B prison located in Staffordshire, managed by Serco, and houses male inmates.
  2. Where is HMP Dovegate located?

    • HMP Dovegate is situated near Uttoxeter in Staffordshire.
  3. What type of inmates are held at HMP Dovegate?

    • The prison holds Category B male prisoners.
  4. What is the capacity of HMP Dovegate?

    • HMP Dovegate has a capacity of approximately 1,100 inmates.
  5. Who manages HMP Dovegate?

    • HMP Dovegate is managed by the private company Serco.
  6. What rehabilitation programs are available at HMP Dovegate?

    • The prison offers various educational and vocational training programs to aid in inmate rehabilitation.
  7. How can one visit an inmate at HMP Dovegate?

    • Visits must be booked in advance, following the prison’s protocols and schedules.
  8. What security measures are in place at HMP Dovegate?

    • The prison employs surveillance systems, controlled access points, and regular checks to maintain security.
  9. When did HMP Dovegate open?

    • HMP Dovegate opened in 2001.
  10. What are the future plans for HMP Dovegate?

    • Future plans include enhancing rehabilitative services and maintaining high security standards.

Summary and Conclusion

HMP Dovegate stands as a pivotal institution within the UK’s correctional system. From its history to its current operations, the prison is dedicated to managing and rehabilitating inmates effectively. Located in Staffordshire, it serves as a Category B facility with a capacity of around 1,100 inmates. Managed by Serco, HMP Dovegate continues to innovate in prisoner rehabilitation and security measures. For more detailed information, you can visit the official site of HMP Dovegate or explore other comprehensive guides online.

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