What is Peterborough Prison Like?

A panoramic view of Peterborough Prison in Cambridgeshire.

What is Peterborough Prison Like? An In-Depth Guide

History of Peterborough Prison

Located in Cambridgeshire, Peterborough Prison is a relatively new facility that opened its doors in 2005. The prison, operated by Sodexo, serves as a Category C institution for males and houses female prisoners as well. With a capacity of 1,240 inmates, Peterborough is one of the larger correctional establishments in the UK.

What’s Life Like for Inmates?

For Male Prisoners

Men in Peterborough Prison have a generally positive view of their time inside. They appreciate the quality of staff-prisoner relations and the Keywork programme aimed at individual support. Modern conveniences like in-cell phones and kiosks are well-received. Access to a gym, a range of offending behaviour programmes, and employment links, along with pre-release support such as CV and interview training, are also available. Peer support, including roles in reception and peer-led induction, adds another layer to the supportive environment.

For Female Prisoners

Women similarly praise the staff and the amenities, including in-cell phones and kiosks. Educational opportunities, including distance learning courses, and visits are highly valued. Peer mentors and support workers play a significant role, notably ‘Connections’ mentors who assist in reception, induction, and resettlement. Listeners and specialist-trained peer trauma champions also offer critical support.

What is Peterborough Prison Like?

What is Peterborough Prison Like?

Perspectives from Officers and Management

Officers echo the positive sentiments about staff-prisoner relationships and amenities like phones and kiosks. They also highlight family-involved achievement events and the Prison Council. They appreciate weekly team ‘huddles’, monthly staff meetings, and the Governor’s weekly newsletter, which foster a ‘culture of thanks.’

The Senior Management Team (SMT) adds further layers to this positive environment. They mention the Restorative Service Quality Mark, trauma training for all staff, and a ‘trauma co-ordinator’ for female inmates. Benefits like Christmas and birthday vouchers for staff, as well as tours for staff families, add to the supportive workplace atmosphere.

Location and Accessibility

Peterborough Prison is easily accessible, located in Cambridgeshire, making it convenient for visitors coming from various parts of the country.

In the News

The prison often makes headlines for its modern approach to rehabilitation and its extensive range of programmes and facilities aimed at preparing inmates for a life outside the walls.


Peterborough Prison represents a modern approach to incarceration, where the focus is on rehabilitation and preparing inmates for a productive life post-release. With its range of programmes, supportive staff, and up-to-date facilities, it’s a prison that aims to go beyond just confinement.

What is Peterborough Prison Like?