HMP Isis

HMP Isis, situated in South East London, is a unique and specialized facility in the London region. It functions as a category C training prison primarily for young men. Notably, Isis is the first whole-build public sector prison constructed in the last two decades. Initially catering to young adults and adults up to 30 years of age, the prison had an age cap of 18-30 until December 2016. Since then, the age range was expanded to include prisoners of all ages. However, as of September 2021, the facility exclusively accommodates young men aged between 18-27 years.

he prison structure comprises two main house blocks, Thames and Meridian, each featuring four spurs extending from a central hub with three landings on each spur. On average, each spur can house around 80 prisoners in a mix of single and double cells. Additionally, the facility includes specially equipped cells for prisoners with disabilities​

HMP isis

HMP isis Contact Details

  • Address: Isis Prison, Western Way, Thamesmead, London, SE28 0EB​​.
  • Telephone Number: For any inquiries, you can contact Isis Prison at 020 3356 4000​

Booking Visits, Visiting Times, and Parking for HMP Isis

Visiting Isis Prison is a straightforward process, designed to maintain and strengthen familial bonds while contributing to a positive atmosphere within the prison. The visiting times are as follows:

  • Weekdays: 9:00 am – 4:30 pm
  • Saturdays: 10:00 am – 3:00 pm
  • Sundays: Closed​​.

For those planning to visit, parking facilities are available. It is recommended to arrive early, especially during peak visiting hours, to ensure a parking spot​​.

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