HMP Isis: An Overview

HMP Isis, located in Thamesmead, southeast London, is a Category C male Young Offenders Institution. Established in 2010, it is uniquely positioned within the perimeter of HMP Belmarsh. Designed to serve young adult males, it has a capacity of approximately 622 inmates.


HMP Isis

History of HMP Isis

HMP Isis was constructed as a new facility on underused land within the Belmarsh perimeter. The construction began in 2009 and faced a minor hiccup when an empty shell casing from World War II was discovered on the site. The prison officially opened in July 2010, marking a significant development as the first whole-build public sector prison in two decades.


Location and Capacity

Located in the Royal Borough of Greenwich, HMP Isis serves as a resettlement prison for young adult males. Initially, it catered to offenders aged 18-30, but since 2016, it has accommodated prisoners of all ages. The facility includes two house blocks named Thames and Meridian, each with accommodation for around 80 inmates per spur, offering a mix of single and double cells.

Inmate Services and Rehabilitation

HMP Isis is committed to rehabilitation, providing extensive education and vocational training through partnerships with Kensington and Chelsea College. Inmates have access to courses in mechanics, construction, waste management, barbering, catering, and more. The prison also supports inmates at risk of self-harm and promotes low drug use.

Challenges and Improvements

Over the years, HMP Isis has faced various challenges, including faulty technology and gang culture among inmates. However, significant strides have been made in resettlement services and reducing drug use. The prison continues to focus on improving staff-prisoner relations and providing robust support systems for its inmates.

Current News and Developments

HMP Isis remains in the spotlight for its innovative approaches to rehabilitation and its ongoing efforts to improve conditions for inmates. Recent inspections have highlighted both the successes and areas for improvement, particularly in addressing violence and ensuring effective staff-prisoner interactions.

FAQs about HMP Isis

  1. What is the capacity of HMP Isis?

    • HMP Isis has a capacity of around 622 inmates, housed in two main blocks.
  2. What type of prison is HMP Isis?

    • HMP Isis is a Category C male Young Offenders Institution, focusing on the rehabilitation and resettlement of young adult males.
  3. Where is HMP Isis located?

    • HMP Isis is located in the Thamesmead area of the Royal Borough of Greenwich, southeast London.
  4. What educational programs are available at HMP Isis?

    • Inmates can enroll in various educational programs, including mechanics, construction, waste management, barbering, catering, and media studies.
  5. How does HMP Isis support inmate rehabilitation?

    • HMP Isis offers comprehensive resettlement services, vocational training, and support for inmates at risk of self-harm, aiming to facilitate successful reintegration into society.
  6. What are the visiting arrangements at HMP Isis?

    • Visits are managed through a dedicated visitor’s centre run by the Spurgeons charity, featuring a main room, supervised play area, and refreshment facilities.
  7. Are there healthcare facilities at HMP Isis?

    • While HMP Isis does not have in-patient healthcare facilities, it provides essential medical services to inmates as needed.
  8. What are the accommodation arrangements at HMP Isis?

    • The prison offers a mix of single and double cells, including fully equipped cells for inmates with disabilities.
  9. What measures are in place to combat gang culture at HMP Isis?

    • HMP Isis has implemented various strategies to address gang culture, including enhancing staff training and improving inmate monitoring.
  10. How has HMP Isis evolved since its establishment?

    • Since its opening in 2010, HMP Isis has evolved to address various challenges and continues to focus on improving rehabilitation services and inmate welfare.


HMP Isis stands out as a progressive institution dedicated to the rehabilitation and resettlement of young adult males. Despite challenges, it remains committed to providing a supportive environment for inmates, ensuring their successful reintegration into society.

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