What is Long Lartin Prison Like?

An aerial view of Long Lartin Prison surrounded by lush greenery.

What is Long Lartin Prison Like? – A Comprehensive Overview of the High-Security Facility in Worcestershire

Long Lartin Prison is a high-security facility located in Worcestershire, England. With a capacity to house 609 inmates, the prison has been operational since 1971 and is managed by Her Majesty’s Prison Service (HMPS). This article delves into the prison’s history, its current state from various perspectives, and the environment inside its walls.

A Walk Through the History of Long Lartin Prison

Opened in 1971, Long Lartin has been part of the UK’s high-security prison landscape for several decades. It has constantly adapted to meet modern correctional needs and security measures.

The Locale: Worcestershire

Long Lartin is strategically located in Worcestershire, serving as a high-security institution that houses some of the country’s most serious offenders.

What is Long Lartin Prison Like?

What is Long Lartin Prison Like?

The Real Experience Inside Long Lartin Prison

From the Prisoners’ Viewpoint

Prisoners have a favourable opinion of the staff, often interacting on a first-name basis. The Governor receives particular praise for being visible, approachable, and committed to a culture focused on rehabilitation. The Prison Council and various prisoner forums offer an outlet for inmate engagement, adding to the positive environment. Education is another strong point, featuring a wide range of courses, top-notch staff, and modern IT facilities. The Chaplaincy team also receives accolades for their contributions.

Managerial Insight

Managers concur about the strong rapport between staff and prisoners. They also highlight a calm atmosphere in the prison and successful measures to control contraband like Spice through mail testing and self-policing by prisoners. The gym facilities are well-regarded, as are wing self-catering facilities and exercise equipment. Recent enhancements to living conditions, such as more pleasing colour schemes and decorations like fish tanks and planters, have also positively impacted both prisoners and staff.

The Officers’ Perspective

Officers feel they have good relationships with both their colleagues and the prisoners. A full-time mentor for Prison Officer Entry Level Training (POELT) has had a beneficial effect on staff retention. The Governor, known as the “new No. 1,” is highly visible and keen to make improvements. Staff consultation forums and the proposed launch of a staff council are seen as positives, along with well-being days organised by the gym for staff and inmates.

Facilities and Amenities

Long Lartin offers an array of facilities, ranging from educational opportunities to gym activities. The prison is also celebrated for its investment in technological updates to aid rehabilitation.

The Latest Reports

As of the most recent visit on 9 April 2019, Long Lartin Prison has not been in the news for any negative reasons, which speaks to its well-run operations and positive inmate experiences.


Long Lartin stands as a high-security prison that bucks the trend by fostering a positive and rehabilitative atmosphere for inmates. Its focus on staff-prisoner relationships and a range of facilities make it a standout within the UK prison system.

Contact Information

  • Address: Worcestershire
  • Date of Last Visit: 9 April 2019
  • Prison Type: High Security
  • Capacity: 609
  • Operator: HMPS
What is Long Lartin Prison Like?