What is Lindholme Prison Like?

Inside look at Lindholme Prison, highlighting the prison environment and facilities.

What is Lindholme Prison Like? – An Insider’s Look into the Category C Facility in South Yorkshire

Wondering what Lindholme Prison is really like? Located in South Yorkshire, Lindholme Prison is a Category C men’s prison with a capacity of 950 inmates. Opened in 1985 and operated by Her Majesty’s Prison Service, this facility has received positive comments from managers, officers, and prisoners alike. In this article, we’ll delve into the history, daily life, and unique features of Lindholme Prison.

History of Lindholme Prison

Lindholme Prison has been serving the community since 1985. With its large capacity of 950, the prison plays a significant role in the UK’s correctional system, particularly in South Yorkshire.


Situated in South Yorkshire, Lindholme Prison is easily accessible and serves a large regional area.

What is Lindholme Prison Like?

What is Lindholme Prison Like?

What’s it Like Inside?

Management’s View

Senior managers tout a ‘family atmosphere,’ with staff camaraderie said to be ‘second to none.’ There’s a strong culture of mutual support among the staff, and innovation is encouraged. Managers also value ongoing development and training, holding quarterly ‘development & strategy’ days and providing an on-site counsellor as part of an ‘excellent’ staff Care Team. The prison also features a well-being day for staff, ‘friends & family’ open days, and superb gym facilities.

Officers’ Opinion

Officers concur with the managers, praising the ‘excellent’ staff and a ‘really strong’ sense of mutual support. They appreciate the approachable, visible Governor and the emphasis on staff development. The officers also commend the prison’s commitment to prisoner support and rehabilitation, including education & training, the Recovery wing, and the gym facilities.

Prisoners’ Perspective

Prisoners describe staff relations as ‘very decent’ and appreciate the steps taken to make the facility safer, such as photocopying mail to reduce Spice-related incidents. They commend the ‘fantastic’ education and training programmes, the Recovery wing, and a range of peer mentors. Family support through programmes like Pact also receives high praise.

Additional Facilities and Support

Family work is cited as ‘excellent,’ featuring family days, homework clubs, and Storybook Dads. Education and training include Level 3 NVQs and Open University degrees, making it a strong facility for self-betterment.

Latest News

There are no major news stories to report on Lindholme Prison currently. The facility maintains a positive atmosphere and a strong commitment to rehabilitation and staff well-being.


Lindholme Prison sets a high standard for what a Category C prison can achieve in terms of staff morale, inmate rehabilitation, and educational opportunities. Its comprehensive range of facilities and focus on staff and prisoner well-being make it stand out in the UK’s prison landscape.

Contact Information

  • Address: South Yorkshire
  • Date of Last Visit: 24 September 2018
  • Prison Type: Category C
  • Capacity: 950
  • Operator: HMPS
What is Lindholme Prison Like?