Moot Hall County Court Overview

Moot Hall County Court is a historic courthouse located in Newcastle upon Tyne. This Grade I listed building, designed by John Stokoe in the Greek Revival style, has been a central figure in the legal landscape of Tyne and Wear since its completion in 1812. It primarily handles cases related to civil, family, and magistrates’ matters. The court also has a significant history of hosting notable trials, including the infamous Mary Bell case.

Moot Hall County Court

Moot Hall County Court Contact Details, Telephone, and Address

For those needing to contact Moot Hall County Court, it is essential to have the correct information. The court is situated at:

  • Visiting Address: The Moot Hall, CastleGarth, Newcastle upon Tyne, Tyne & Wear, NE1 1RQ
  • Postal Address: The Law Courts, The Quayside, Newcastle upon Tyne, Tyne & Wear, NE1 3LA

Contact Information:


There is no on-site parking available at Moot Hall County Court. However, paid off-site parking can be found within 500 meters of the venue. Unfortunately, blue badge parking is also unavailable at this location.

What Types of Cases are Heard at Moot Hall County Court?

Moot Hall County Court handles a variety of cases, including:

  • Civil cases
  • Family law cases (such as child custody and divorce proceedings)
  • Crown Court cases (serious criminal matters)
  • Magistrates’ Court cases (lesser criminal matters)

This diversity ensures that Moot Hall County Court serves as a vital institution for the local community, addressing a wide range of legal issues.

Facilities at Moot Hall County Court

Visitors to Moot Hall County Court can expect a range of facilities to support their needs, including:

  • Witness care services
  • Interview rooms
  • Loop hearing systems for the hearing impaired
  • Public toilets
  • Waiting rooms
  • Wireless network connection

Historical Significance of Moot Hall County Court

Built between 1810 and 1812, Moot Hall County Court replaced earlier court facilities at Newcastle’s Castle. Its historic importance is underscored by its role in significant trials and its use as a meeting place for Northumberland County Council until 1910. The courthouse has seen numerous modifications and continues to serve the legal needs of the community today.


What is the address of Moot Hall County Court?

Moot Hall County Court is located at The Moot Hall, CastleGarth, Newcastle upon Tyne, Tyne & Wear, NE1 1RQ.

Is there parking available at Moot Hall County Court?

No, there is no on-site parking available. Paid off-site parking is available within 500 meters.

What types of cases are heard at Moot Hall County Court?

The court handles civil, family, Crown, and magistrates’ cases.

How can I contact Moot Hall County Court?

You can contact the court at 0191 201 2000 for general enquiries. Specific email addresses are available for different types of cases.

What facilities are available at Moot Hall County Court?

Facilities include witness care, interview rooms, loop hearing systems, public toilets, waiting rooms, and wireless internet.

Summary and Conclusion

Moot Hall County Court is a cornerstone of Newcastle’s judicial system, steeped in history and equipped to handle a broad spectrum of cases. While parking may be a concern, the array of facilities ensures that all visitors can access the services they need. For more detailed information or to explore further, visit the official Courts¬†

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