What is Stafford Prison Like?

Inside Stafford Prison, showcasing the facility's cleanliness and focus on education

What is Stafford Prison Like?


Curious about Stafford Prison? Our guide provides an in-depth look into its history, what life is really like for prisoners, staff perspectives, and more.


Stafford Prison, one of the oldest penal institutions in the UK, opened its doors in 1794. Operated by HMPS, it’s a Category C prison with a capacity of 751 inmates.


Located in the county of Staffordshire, the prison had its last formal visit on 4 October 2018, marking its 53rd visit.

What is Stafford Prison Like?

What is Stafford Prison Like?

Life Inside: From a Prisoner’s Perspective

Safety and Security

Prisoners describe Stafford as an exceptionally safe facility with stringent security measures, which they view as a positive.

Peer Support and Induction

New inmates undergo a thorough, seven-day peer-led induction. The prison also offers a variety of peer mentor programs, trained and supported by relevant prison managers.


Stafford Prison receives high marks for its food and gym facilities. The staff at the gym are noted for their excellent support, particularly for prisoners with physical and mental health issues.

Drug and Alcohol Support

The Drug & Alcohol Treatment (DAAT) team is praised for their effective work in the facility.

Staff Views

Safety and Decency

According to the prison’s managers and officers, Stafford maintains a ‘very safe’ environment with a strong culture of mutual respect and decency. The facility is also noted for its cleanliness and well-maintenance.

Management and Communication

Staff appreciate the visible and approachable management team, who ensure daily briefings for operational staff and frequent full staff meetings.

Recognition and Perks

The weekly newsletter, “Jail Jottings,” offers commendations for a job well done, along with staff prizes such as gift vouchers and free meals at the staff bistro.

Managerial Insight

Safety Measures

Managers agree that Stafford is a ‘very safe’ prison, credited in part to their effective support for prisoners at risk of self-harm.

Education and Training

Stafford provides a wide range of educational and vocational training options, as well as workshops for prisoners.

Community Engagement

Staff and managers both value the ‘active’ and ‘effective’ Prisoner Council, which gives inmates a voice in prison matters.


Stafford Prison stands out for its robust safety measures, educational opportunities, and strong sense of community among both staff and prisoners.

Latest News

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