Fosse Way Prison

Fosse Way Prison

Fosse Way Prison

HMP Fosse Way: Pioneering Rehabilitation and Modern Prison Design

Overview of HMP Fosse Way

Situated in the heart of Leicester, the state-of-the-art HMP Fosse Way is the embodiment of the UK government’s progressive approach to corrections. Launched amidst significant media attention, this £286 million facility not only aims to house 1,715 male inmates when fully occupied but emphasizes rehabilitation as its core principle.

Fosse Way Prison

Fosse Way Prison - Contact Information and Prison Help

Fosse Way Prison Address:

Fosse Way Prison
1 Tigers Rd,
LE18 4WS

Fosse Way Prison Telephone Number:

Phone Number for Fosse Way Prison: 0116 216 2656

Fosse Way Prison Email Address:

Fosse Way Prison Email Address:

Fosse Way Prison

Fosse Way Prison

Rehabilitation and Resettlement: The Fosse Way Ethos

While serving time, prisoners will be engaged in holistic programmes designed to reintegrate them back into society effectively. The prison’s design reflects the government’s intent to foster an environment that encourages skill acquisition and personal development. This novel Category C prison, also referred to as a “training and resettlement jail”, boasts a myriad of classrooms and 24 workshops. Here, inmates can acquire skills ranging from manufacturing eyewear to operating construction vehicles using high-tech simulators.

Technology at Its Best

With a keen emphasis on security and rehabilitation, Fosse Way seamlessly integrates cutting-edge technology into its infrastructure. Each cell is equipped with a digital device, granting inmates access to educational resources, family communication, games, and enlightening podcasts. Such advances, combined with the prison’s unique barless window design, ensure heightened security, curbing the smuggling of illicit items.

Fosse Way Prison

Green Initiatives and Local Economy Boost

Touted as the “greenest prison” by the Ministry of Justice (MoJ), HMP Fosse Way stands as a testament to sustainable construction. Employing renewable energy sources, electric construction machinery, and eco-friendly fuels, this facility underscores the UK’s commitment to environmental sustainability. Furthermore, its construction, which involved approximately 500 individuals including 71 rehabilitated ex-offenders, pumped an impressive £180 million into local construction industries.

Key Features of HMP Fosse Way

  • Smart Design: The prison architecture is designed to maximize security and enhance monitoring, with X-shaped blocks featuring wide corridors for improved visibility.
  • Rehabilitation Focus: The facility houses a music classroom with industry collaboration for music production training, a driving simulator for HGV licensing, and workshops with a focus on concrete, lighting, and optical design.
  • Ultra-Secure Amenities: Cells have specially designed windows to prevent contraband smuggling, and inmates have secured devices for educational purposes. The facility is further safeguarded with airport-like body scanners.

A Bright Future Ahead

With its doors opened on May 29, HMP Fosse Way is already home to over 100 inmates, a number projected to rise weekly. Managed by Serco after a rigorous tender process, plans for this facility are expansive. Pending approval, an additional houseblock will augment its capacity by 250. This prison is a monumental stride in the government’s ambitious goal of generating 20,000 new prison spots under a whopping £4 billion construction scheme.

Justice Secretary Alex Chalk lauds this endeavour, asserting that such facilities provide offenders every chance to reinvent their lives. He emphasizes the government’s dedication to this transformative vision, highlighting that HMP Fosse Way is merely a glimpse into the future of corrections in the UK.

Upcoming Developments

HMP Fosse Way is a precursor to other planned establishments, with HMP Millsike, adjacent to HMP Full Sutton in East Yorkshire, next in line. With planning permissions in the pipeline for three additional prisons nationwide, the horizon looks promising for a modernized, rehabilitative correctional system in the UK.

Book a visit Fosse Way Prison:

To Book a Visit to Fosse Way Prisoner Call 0116 216 2656 but the prisoner may also be able to book their own visits via the kios/computer system through the prison. You can also email: [email protected].

Fosse Way Prison Visiting Times:

Monday09:15 – 11:1514:00 – 16:00 
Tuesday09:15 – 11:1514:00 – 16:0017:45 – 19:15
Wednesday09:15 – 11:15 (Legal visits)14:00 – 16:0017:45 – 19:15
Thursday09:15 – 11:1514:00 – 16:0017:45 – 19:15
Friday09:15 – 11:1514:00 – 16:00 
Saturday09:15 – 11:1514:00 – 16:00 
Sunday09:15 – 11:1514:00 – 16:00 

Parking at Fosse Way Prison:

Is there visitor parking at Fosse Way prison? Fosse Way Prison parking has approximately 420 car parking spaces for staff and visitors



Fosse Way Prison