HMP Onley: An In-Depth Look at the Category C Men's Prison

HMP Onley, situated in Rugby, Warwickshire, serves as a Category C training and resettlement prison for adult males. This facility has undergone significant transformations since its inception, adapting to the evolving needs of the correctional system and society.


HMP Onley

History of HMP Onley

HMP Onley was established as a borstal in 1968 and transitioned to a Young Offenders Institution (YOI) in 1976. Throughout the 1980s and 1990s, it expanded its capacity and roles, accommodating juveniles and young offenders. In 2004, it transitioned to an adult-only prison, now holding approximately 742 inmates​​​​.


Latest News on HMP Onley

Recent inspections have highlighted staffing challenges at HMP Onley, impacting prisoner progress and safety. Despite these issues, improvements have been noted in healthcare services and educational programs​​​​.

General Information About HMP Onley

HMP Onley is a Category C prison, primarily focusing on training and resettlement. It provides inmates with opportunities to gain new skills and qualifications, preparing them for reintegration into society. The prison features 11 wings with a mix of single and double cells, all equipped with necessary facilities​​​​.

Type of Prison and Categorisation

HMP Onley is a Category C men’s prison. Category C prisons are for inmates who cannot be trusted in open conditions but are unlikely to try to escape. This categorisation allows for a focus on rehabilitation and training, offering various programs to support inmates’ personal development​​​​.

Capacity and Facilities at HMP Onley

The prison has a capacity of 742 inmates, housed across different wings. Each wing offers specific programs, including induction, resettlement, and substance misuse recovery. The facility also includes educational and vocational training workshops, such as IT, carpentry, and industrial cleaning​​​​.

Location of HMP Onley

HMP Onley is located in Rugby, Warwickshire, near the village of Willoughby. This rural setting provides a tranquil environment conducive to rehabilitation and training​​​​.

Visiting HMP Onley

Visiting times at HMP Onley are structured to ensure security and convenience. Visits can be booked in advance, with slots available on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. Visitors must be listed on the inmate’s visitor list and adhere to the prison’s protocols​​.

Education and Training Programs

HMP Onley offers extensive educational and vocational training programs. Inmates can pursue qualifications in areas such as IT, motor mechanics, bricklaying, and more. These programs aim to equip inmates with skills that enhance their employability upon release

FAQs about HMP Onley

  1. What is the capacity of HMP Onley? HMP Onley has a capacity of 742 inmates.

  2. Where is HMP Onley located? HMP Onley is located in Rugby, Warwickshire, near the village of Willoughby.

  3. What type of prison is HMP Onley? HMP Onley is a Category C men’s prison focusing on training and resettlement.

  4. How can I book a visit to HMP Onley? Visits can be booked in advance by calling the prison’s visit booking line. Ensure you are on the inmate’s approved visitor list.

  5. What educational programs are available at HMP Onley? HMP Onley offers a range of programs, including IT, motor mechanics, carpentry, and industrial cleaning.

  6. What are the visiting times for HMP Onley? Visiting times are Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays, with specific hours in the afternoon.

  7. What facilities are available at HMP Onley? The prison has 11 wings with single and double cells, educational workshops, and rehabilitation programs.

  8. How does HMP Onley support inmate rehabilitation? HMP Onley offers educational and vocational training, as well as substance misuse recovery programs to support rehabilitation.

  9. What is the history of HMP Onley? Established as a borstal in 1968, it became a YOI in 1976 and transitioned to an adult-only prison in 2004.

  10. What challenges has HMP Onley faced recently? Recent reports highlight staffing shortages, impacting prisoner progress and safety, though improvements in healthcare services have been noted.

Summary and Conclusion

HMP Onley plays a vital role in the UK’s correctional system, offering extensive rehabilitation and training programs to prepare inmates for successful reintegration into society. Despite facing challenges, the prison continues to evolve, providing a structured environment focused on personal development and safety.

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