Free Prison Calls

Free Prison Calls

Can you get Free Prison Calls?

Looking for Free Prison Calls? Prison Calls can be expensive. Mobile phone calls alone can be over 16p per minute, let alone calls abroad. Can you get Free Prison Calls?

Unfortuntely, Due to the HMPS contract with BT who originally installed the lines and in-cell phones for prisoners, there is currently no way to get free calls for prisoners or even a prison phone call package to make it cheaper inside prison to reduce the call cost.

HOWEVER – Although cant provide you free prison calls, WE CAN make it cheaper for the prisoner to be able to call mobile phones.

We have created a package to enable a mobile phone call to cost landline rates which can save the prisoner upto 75% on these calls. 


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Get Unlimited Calls to your Mobile

We have a prison telephone call package which, granted it wont make free prison calls, BUT it will save the prisoner a lot of money on calling a mobile number.

How we do this is to provide you with a virtual landline. You do not need to top this number up (non prisoner side) and can receive unlimited diverts from the landline to your mobile.

This means when the prisoner calls the landline number at landline rates from the prison, you get the call direct to your mobile phone.

Benefits are that you never miss a prison call again, you dont need to sit by your landline phone and the prisoner saves a lot of money being able to call your mobile but at landline rates.

Ready to get started with our prison telephone package? CLICK HERE:

We can have your prison phone package setup within the hour and you can start receiving unlimited calls direct to your mobile and the prisoner only pays for a landline call.