Prepare for Prison

Prepare for Prison

Prepare for Prison – When facing prison, especially for the first time, you are stepping into an unknown world. How do you prepare for such an event? Getting prepared for prison is the first step in ensuring you are ready, should the worst happen to know exacty what to expect when you get locked up.

There will be so many unanswered questions such as what is the prison food like? How do you survive excessive bang up, whats the first cell mate like, prison showers, the yard and so on. We will cover them topics and more on how to prepare for prison

Firstly, unfortunetly, if you know that you are going to prison the first thing you should do is start to prepare your prison bag. We have compiled a list of things to take with you such as dressing gown, slippers, ear plugs, stationary, stamps, clothing, underwear, socks, CD player, radio, headphones and so on. You can find the full comprehensive list of what you should put in your prison bag here: CLICK HERE

Prepare for Prison

How to prepare for prison

Going to prison for the first time can be daunting. It is such an alien environment that, if you havent been before, the horror stories can be overwhelming and youll feel like your going to be chewed up and spat out. However, its amazing how the mind and body adapt to such environments. Sink or Swim!

The main thing people worry about is their safety. How violent and volatile is it really in prison? Can you come out the other side unscathed?

Keeping your head down in prison is the key! Dont get involved in other peoples business, dont borrow, definitely dont steal, dont get involved with drugs, the gangs or make yourself massively known as you will become a target. If you just go about your business and try to brush most things off like water off a ducks back, play it safe and just do YOUR time, you should be able to survive prison unharmed.

When you first get to prison, you are normally in an induction wing. This means everyone around you (apart from the people that are in and out o prison all the time) will be in the same situation as you, feel the same as you and are also trying to find their feet, Just like you!

You will then be moved onto the more permanent wing. The guards or movement officers do try and pair you wth someone that they feel would cause them less of a headache. Religion is sometimes taken into consideration, age, personality etc. If they put you in with someone that they feel is going to cause frictions, they are only making more work for themselves with on going problems, incell bell pressing and end up having to move you anyway.

Prison showers, in the induction wing, most people shower with their boxers on as everyone fears the same. The ‘Dont Drop The Soap’ horror stories which has been imported from american jails. This doesnt seem to be an issue in UK jails. Most people are polite and cautious within the shower room, its usually busy and usually a guard nearby outside so people just want to get in, showered then get out.

Prepare for Prison Continued:

The Prison yard, most people initially stay with their own kind, fraudsters group together, asians group together, gangs group together and so on. People are also nervous about being in the yard as you feel exposed. Unless something has boiled over from something that has happened inside the prison, you can normally go about your walk and getting some fresh air without any issues. Weirdly, everyone walks anti clockwise.

Prison Food, there is a varied menu which you can normally chose either via a form or via the kiosks on the wing. Food such as curry, lasagne, chicken and rice, cooked breakfast at the weekend and roast chicken leg on a sunday with spuds. Its a bit hit and miss but its not as grim as porridge and bread which is traditonally what people think prisoners eat.

What do prisoners do all day? Most prisons keep the prisoners busy during the day with some form of education, training or giving the prisoner a job. This could be english, maths, drylining or a wing cleaner, cook, peer worker or even an orderly.

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