What is Preston Prison Like?

Preston Prison, highlighting its secure perimeter and facilities.

What is Preston Prison Like? Your Comprehensive Guide

Inside the Prison Walls: Inmate Perspective

Safety and Security

Inmates commonly describe the prison as “very safe” and “well-run.” Strong security measures are in place, with staff described as “on top of things,” ensuring a secure environment.

Staff Relations

The prisoners appreciate the straightforwardness of the staff, describing them as “lots of very good staff who are straight with you.” Keywork initiatives have been hailed as “great,” further strengthening positive relationships between staff and prisoners.

Special Support

Inmate services like Listeners and PIDS are described as “very good” and “well-used.” The drug recovery unit is another feature that inmates find particularly beneficial, especially considering it’s relatively rare in Category B local prisons.

What is Preston Prison Like?

What is Preston Prison Like?

Insights from the Officers

Safety Protocols

Officers commend the prison’s strong control and discipline. Measures such as photocopying all mail have been effective in keeping drug levels, especially NPS, low.

Management and Teamwork

Officers feel a “real pride” in working at Preston. There’s a strong sense of camaraderie among staff, which contributes to the overall safety and effective management of the prison.

Special Initiatives

Special care is taken for vulnerable inmates, especially those at risk of self-harm and veterans, which officers identify as real strengths of the institution.

A Manager’s Point of View

The prison managers concur that Preston is a “safe” prison. They emphasise the “firm but fair” approach of the staff who are not only “in charge” but also “do care” about inmates. Keywork has made a real difference in staff-prisoner relationships.

Location and Getting There

Preston Prison is easily accessible, situated in Lancashire. Its location makes it convenient for families and visitors to reach the facility.

Recent News

The prison has been praised for its staff-prisoner relations and its “extensive and important” prisoner consultation processes, including regular meetings with reps and quarterly interactions with the Deputy Governor.


Preston Prison is more than just a Category B facility; it’s an institution that places emphasis on safety, positive staff-prisoner relationships, and rehabilitation. Both the inmates and staff share a mutual respect and pride, making it a noteworthy establishment within the UK prison network.

What is Preston Prison Like?