What is Doncaster Prison like?

What is Doncaster Prison Like

What is Life Like Inside HMP Doncaster? A Comprehensive Overview

HMP Doncaster, often nicknamed ‘Doncatraz’ due to its island location, is a Category B prison located in Marshgate, Doncaster. Built on the former site of Doncaster Power Station, the prison first opened its doors in 1994. With a capacity to house 1,145 inmates, the facility has been a subject of scrutiny over the years, notably for having the highest suicide rate among the UK’s prisons. Managed by the security firm Serco, this remand prison has recently come under fire for a host of issues that raise concerns about the welfare of its inmates.

What is Doncaster Prison like?

Life Inside HMP Doncaster: A Prisoner’s Perspective

Richard Benn, an inmate currently serving a four-year sentence for arson and other offenses, has publicly shed light on the prison conditions. According to Benn, inmates are confined to their cells for an alarming 23.5 hours a day. This lockdown measure, known as the “red regime,” was initially implemented to control the spread of COVID-19. Despite the lifting of COVID restrictions, the “red regime” continues to be enforced, allegedly due to staffing shortages.

This extended confinement has significant consequences on mental health, pushing some inmates towards drug use as a coping mechanism. Benn also highlighted that due to space constraints, some cells have been converted into doubles, exacerbating the conditions as two inmates are now locked together in cramped spaces.

What is Doncaster Prison Like

What is Doncaster Prison like?

Deprivation of Basic Amenities

One of the more startling aspects is the lack of access to showers for inmates. As per Benn’s report, prisoners have been left without the basic ability to maintain personal hygiene. Moreover, the quality of food served to inmates is described as ‘bad,’ which only adds to the list of growing concerns about inmate welfare.

The Controversial Red Regime

Initially instituted to halt the spread of COVID-19, the red regime has become increasingly common, according to Benn. The prison authorities reportedly notify staff the day prior that a red regime will be in place, mainly due to lack of adequate staffing. This means that inmates are only allowed a meager 30 minutes outside their cells each day, a situation Benn describes as playing havoc with the mental health of the prison population.

Management Response and Public Scrutiny

The prison is managed by Serco, a private security firm. While they have been contacted for comments regarding these allegations, the public has started to question the ethics and efficiency of private management for correctional facilities, especially in light of these revelations.

A History of Concerns

Doncaster prison has been criticized for having the highest suicide rate among the UK’s prisons. This makes the recent allegations even more concerning, emphasizing the need for immediate corrective actions to improve the living conditions and mental health support for its inmates.


Life inside HMP Doncaster appears to be fraught with challenges, from severe confinement protocols to inadequate food and lack of basic amenities. With its history and capacity to house over a thousand inmates, it’s crucial for both the management and relevant authorities to address these issues urgently. Time will tell if this facility, with its tarnished reputation, will take the necessary steps to improve conditions for those it houses.

What is Doncaster Prison Like