HMP East Sutton Park

HMP East Sutton Park, nestled in the picturesque Kent countryside, stands as a unique institution within the UK’s prison system. This open prison, with its origins dating back to the early 20th century, is housed in a charming country house set amidst extensive grounds. Located near Maidstone in Kent, HMP East Sutton Park has been serving the justice system for several decades, evolving to meet the changing needs of its inmates.

As an open prison, HMP East Sutton Park is classified as a Category D facility. This classification indicates a lower security level, focusing on preparing inmates for reintegration into society. The prison primarily accommodates women and young offenders, with a capacity to house a modest number of inmates compared to larger establishments. This smaller size allows for a more personalised approach to rehabilitation and support.

HMP East Sutton Park

What is HMP East Sutton Park Like and Life Inside the Prison for a Prisoner?

Life at HMP East Sutton Park is significantly different from other prison environments. Being an open prison, it offers a more relaxed regime, focusing on preparing inmates for their eventual release. The prison provides various educational and vocational training opportunities, enabling inmates to develop new skills and qualifications. Additionally, the inmates are encouraged to participate in work placements, both within the prison and in the local community, fostering a sense of responsibility and work ethic.

The support system at HMP East Sutton Park includes access to healthcare, psychological support, and various rehabilitation programmes. The aim is to create a constructive and supportive environment that aids in the personal growth and development of the inmates.

Directions to HMP East Sutton Park

HMP East Sutton Park is accessible by various modes of transport. For those driving, the prison is located near Maidstone in Kent and is well-signposted. Public transport options include buses and trains, with the nearest major railway station located in Maidstone.

How To Book a Visit to HMP East Sutton Park

To book a visit to HMP East Sutton Park, visitors must follow the official procedure. Visits need to be booked in advance, and this can be done either online through the prison’s visit booking system or by telephone. It’s important to note that all visitors must be approved by the prison before they can visit.

HMP East Sutton Park Visiting Times

Visiting times at HMP East Sutton Park are allocated throughout the week, including weekends. These visiting hours are designed to accommodate the schedules of different visitors while ensuring the smooth operation of the prison.

HMP East Sutton Park Address

The full address for HMP East Sutton Park is:

HMP East Sutton Park Sutton Valence Maidstone Kent ME17 3DF United Kingdom

HMP East Sutton Park Telephone Number

For enquiries, you can contact HMP East Sutton Park at the following telephone number:

01622 785000

Please note that call times may be restricted, so it’s best to call during the designated hours.

Book a Visit to HMP East Sutton Park

To book your visit to HMP East Sutton Park, you can use the official prison booking system available on the government’s website or contact the prison directly via the telephone number provided.

HMP East Sutton Park Parking

For those driving to HMP East Sutton Park, there is a car park available for visitors. The parking facility is free of charge and is located close to the visitor’s entrance, providing convenient access to the prison.

HMP East Sutton Park Email Address

For non-urgent enquiries, you can contact HMP East Sutton Park via email. The email address is:

[email protected]

When sending an email, please include relevant details such as the inmate’s name and your contact information to facilitate a prompt response.