Book a Prison Visit to Morton Hall Prison

Book a Prison Visit to Morton Hall Prison

Morton Hall Prison, located in Lincolnshire, is a prison for adult men. It holds 353 prisoners under Category C conditions, with sentences ranging from 3 to 33 months. The prison provides a range of educational and vocational opportunities to prepare prisoners for release, including skills in manufacturing, horticulture, barbering, catering, painting, decorating, and waste management​​​​.

Booking Information for Morton Hall Prison Visits

To visit someone in Morton Hall, you must be on the prisoner’s visitor list, book in advance, and carry the required ID.

Booking Options:

  • Online: Book via the online booking service.
  • Telephone: Call the booking line at 0300 303 0649, available Monday to Sunday from 9:30am to 12:30pm.
  • Email: [email protected].

Visiting times to Morton Hall Prison

Visiting Times:

  • Family and Friends Visits: Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday: 2pm to 4pm.
  • Legal Visits: Tuesday, Thursday: 8:45am to 11:15am​​​​.

Directions to Morton Hall Prison

Morton Hall is located in Swinderby, near Lincoln. The nearest train station is Swinderby, approximately a 15-minute walk to the prison. There are visitor parking facilities available, including spaces for Blue Badge holders​​.

Entering Morton Hall Prison

Visitors aged 16 or older must provide valid ID. All visitors will undergo a pat-down search, and security dogs may be used. Visitors must adhere to the prison’s dress code​​.

HMP Morton Hall Prison Visiting Information

Visiting Facilities

Morton Hall runs 12 family visits per year in collaboration with Lincolnshire Action Trust. The prison’s visitor centre offers support and resources to visitors​​.

Keeping in Touch with Inmates

  • Secure Video Calls: Set up via the Prison Video app.
  • Phone: In-cell telephony allows prisoners to make calls to pre-approved numbers.
  • Email: The Email a Prisoner service enables families to send emails to inmates​​.

Sending Money and Gifts

  • Money: Use the online service for transactions.
  • Gifts: Family and friends can send books directly or order from approved retailers​​.

Support for Family and Friends

Morton Hall’s family services, headed by Harriet Fuller, offer support and advice to families. Lincolnshire Action Trust, the family services provider, also provides assistance​​.

Contact Details for Morton Hall Prison

  • Governor: Karen Head
  • Telephone: 01522 666 700
  • Fax: 01522 666 895


Morton Hall, Eagle Road, Swinderby, Lincoln, LN6 9PT​​.

Please verify all details with official sources for accuracy and legal compliance. This information is provided for guidance and should be confirmed with the prison directly.


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