Isleworth County Court, UK: An Overview

Isleworth County Court, located in Isleworth, London, is a key judicial institution handling criminal cases. The court resides at 36 Ridgeway Road, operating as a Crown Court center. Notably, the court’s history dates back to post-World War II. Originally the site hosted three large manor houses, which were replaced by the Ministry of Pensions and National Insurance to create a hostel, known as “Duchess of Gloucester House,” designed in Neo-Georgian style and opened in November 1949. Later, with changing government policies, the hostel closed, leading to the transformation of the building into a courthouse. The current courthouse, with its significant architectural and historical value, was established to cater to the growing number of criminal cases in north London. It underwent expansion in 2006 to accommodate additional courtrooms, reflecting its vital role in the region’s legal framework​​.

Isleworth County Court Building, London

Contact Information for Isleworth County Court

  • Address for Visiting:
    • Isleworth Crown Court
    • 36 Ridgeway Road
    • Isleworth
    • London
    • TW7 5LP
  • Contacts:
    • General Enquiries: 020 8380 4500
    • Fax: 0870 324 0150
    • Listing Fax: 0870 324 0152
    • Clerk Fax: 0870 324 0151
    • Witness Service: 030 0332 1236
    • DX: 97420 Isleworth 1
  • Emails:

Summary of Isleworth County Court

  • Facilities:
    • Twelve interview rooms
    • Hearing enhancement facilities
    • Wireless internet access
    • Free public parking
    • Refreshments available
    • Disabled access, toilet, and parking
    • Video conference and Prison Video Link facilities​​.

Summary of Isleworth County Court

Isleworth County Court is a pivotal Crown Court in west London, known for its rich history and significant architectural design. Established originally as a hostel in 1949, it was later converted into a courthouse to meet the increasing demand for criminal judicial services in the region. The court offers a range of facilities, including interview rooms, hearing enhancement, wireless internet, parking, and video conferencing, ensuring accessibility and convenience for all. Its function in handling criminal cases underscores its essential role in the UK’s judicial system.

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