Life Inside Prison UK – Behind Bars Documentary

Life Inside Prison Documentary UK

Life inside Prison - This 4 part prison documentary shows what life is really like inside a UK Prison.

The 4 part prison documentary filmed for ITV goes inside the walls of a handful of prisons in the UK. 

The documentary shows a first hand account of what goes on behind bars through the eyes of prisoners and prison officers.

The prison series and prison documentary exposes what it is really like to live life in prison on a day to day basis. Filmed in various prison locations including send, bullingdon, isle of wight, deerbolt, portland and erlestoke.

If you are looking to get a real insight into prison life then watch this 4 part prison documentary. Ive served time in prison and this is pretty much as close as you’re going to get without serving time. Should you be facing prison, this is a good wakeup call as to what to expect. Bear in mind, this has been made for entertainment purposes and edited in such a way. It isnt as extreme when inside prison and should you just keep your head down, althouth you will witness events like this, hopefully you wont be the subject of them and can witness from a far. 

Watch Life Inside Prison UK Documentary – Video 1 

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Watch life inside wandsworth prison.

The BBC also filmed a prison documentary called life inside wandsworth prison which you can watch here: LIFE IN WANDSWORTH PRISON