What is Littlehey Prison Like?

Panoramic view of Littlehey Prison, displaying the prison grounds and facilities.

What is Littlehey Prison Like? – A Comprehensive Overview of the Category C Facility in Cambridgeshire

Are you interested in learning about the inner workings of Littlehey Prison? Located in Cambridgeshire, Littlehey Prison is a Category C men’s facility with a capacity for 1,220 inmates. Opened in 1988 and operated by Her Majesty’s Prison Service, the institution is renowned for its positive atmosphere, diverse range of support, and comprehensive facilities. This article delves into the history, what it’s like for inmates, and other aspects that make Littlehey Prison unique.

History of Littlehey Prison

Since its opening in 1988, Littlehey Prison has established itself as an integral part of the UK’s correctional system, particularly in Cambridgeshire.


The prison is conveniently located in Cambridgeshire, serving a broad demographic within the region.

What is Littlehey Prison Like?

What is Littlehey Prison Like?

What’s it Like Inside Littlehey Prison?

For Prisoners

The inmates describe feeling ‘very safe’, thanks to good staff-prisoner relations and proactive staff. There is a robust network of peer mentors and support workers, identified by their noticeable T-shirts, who are well-integrated into the prison’s daily regime. These mentors offer mediation and are especially praised for their support for minority groups. In addition to excellent reception and induction processes, inmates highlight the ‘great’ teaching staff, vocational training workshops, two excellent gyms, and outstanding healthcare services. The prison’s green and airy grounds and quality food also receive commendation.

For Officers

Officers echo the sentiments of the prisoners, stating that staff relationships are ‘fabulous’ and better than anywhere else. New staff members are warmly welcomed, and there are two full-time mentors dedicated to helping them settle in. The staff bistro, particularly famed for its morning ‘bacon butties’, and the beautiful grounds are highlights for the officers. They also applaud the mentorship system and the recognition scheme where even prisoners can make nominations.

For Managers

Management also emphasises the exceptional staff-prisoner relations, describing the environment as having ‘a real community feel’. Like officers and prisoners, they too appreciate the wide range of mentors and representatives, especially those catering to minority and older prisoners. Managers acknowledge the new Enabling Environment wing as another positive development.

Facilities and Amenities

Visits last for two or more hours, and the prison also hosts family days and a special day for Very Important Children (VICs). The ‘great’ staff who manage visits are highly praised, as are the green and airy grounds that benefit everyone in the prison. The educational facilities support special needs and distance learning, and workshops are closely linked to vocational training.

Latest News

As of now, there are no major news stories concerning Littlehey Prison. The prison maintains a commendable track record for safety, rehabilitation, and overall well-being for both staff and prisoners.


Littlehey Prison serves as a model of what a Category C prison can aspire to be, boasting a variety of programmes, excellent staff-prisoner relations, and a range of amenities that enhance the quality of life for all its residents.

Contact Information

  • Address: Cambridgeshire
  • Date of Last Visit: 22 November 2018
  • Prison Type: Category C
  • Capacity: 1,220
  • Operator: HMPS
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