Book a visit Ford Prison

Book a visit Ford Prison

How to Book a Visit to Ford Prison

Ensuring a seamless visit to Ford Prison starts with proper planning and booking. Below is a simple and concise guide to help you understand the booking process, visitation times, and other necessary details to facilitate a smooth visit.

Scheduling Your Visit to Ford

Organize your visit to Ford Prison through the available online booking system or by contacting them directly via telephone.

Booking Line: 01903 663120 Operating Hours: Monday-Saturday, 10am to 11am and 1pm to 3pm

Ford Prison Visiting Times

  • Wednesday: 6pm to 8pm
  • Friday to Sunday: 2pm to 4pm

Book a visit Ford Prison

Book a visit Ford prison - Visiting Times

Arranging Legal and Professional Visits

Currently, there are no provisions for legal visits at Ford Prison. Please keep abreast of any updates or changes to this policy.

Assistance with Visit Costs

Individuals receiving specific benefits or possessing an NHS health certificate may qualify for aid covering various visit-related expenses, including travel, overnight stays, and meals.

Directions to Ford Prison

Ford Prison is accessible, with the closest railway station being Ford, located just a mile away—a walking distance of approximately 15 minutes. For detailed travel planning:

  • Utilize National Rail Enquiries.
  • Refer to Traveline for local bus schedules.

Parking at Ford Prison

Visitor car parking, inclusive of Blue Badge spaces, is available at Ford Prison.

Entrance Requirements to Ford Prison

All visitors, 16 years or older, must provide valid identification before entering the prison. All visitors will undergo a pat-down search, and security dogs may be used. Ford maintains a strict, family-focused dress code policy, requiring visitors to dress appropriately.

Visiting Regulations and Facilities at Ford Prison

Upon entry, visitors will be briefed on the prison’s rules. Any violations may result in the cancellation of the visit and a potential ban from future visits. A visitor centre is available, but no refreshments will be provided during the visit. Strict controls are in place regarding items brought into Ford, and visitors may need to store belongings in a locker or with security.

Family Days at Ford Prison

Currently, there are no family days being conducted at Ford Prison.

What to Take to a Ford Prison Visit

Visitors should bring acceptable forms of ID and adhere to the dress code. Most possessions will need to be left in lockers or with security, and adherence to rules is mandatory to avoid any disruptions during the visit.


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By adhering to the outlined guidelines and staying informed, you can ensure a well-organized and stress-free visit to Ford Prison.

Book a visit Ford Prison