What is New Hall Prison Like?

What is New Hall Prison Like?

What is New Hall Prison Like? A Detailed Insight Into the Female Prison Facility

History of New Hall Prison

New Hall Prison, located in West Yorkshire, is a facility exclusively for female inmates. It has a capacity of 425 prisoners and was officially opened in 1933. The prison is operated by Her Majesty’s Prison Service (HMPS) and has a longstanding reputation for its focus on decency, respect, and rehabilitation.

What is Life Really Like for a Woman at New Hall?

From the Managers’ Perspective

New Hall is hailed as a clean and safe facility with an emphasis on good staff-prisoner relations. The prison runs a range of programmes, from education & skills training to resettlement initiatives led by the Offender Management Unit (OMU). The charity clothes shop, run by and for the inmates, adds a unique aspect to the prison life, as does the ‘Together Women’s Project.’ Specialised units like ‘Rowan House’ are available for vulnerable inmates. The Mother & Baby unit and family support systems have also received high praise. For staff, the prison offers various amenities, including fitness classes, sports injury rehab, healthcare advice, and well-being days.

From the Officers’ Perspective

Officers share the sentiment that they have a strong rapport with the women inmates. Time out of cell and a quick ’40 mins from bus to bed’ reception process add to the positive experience for new inmates. Staff amenities like morning ‘bacon sarnies’ are a hit, and the well-maintained grounds of the facility are seen as beneficial to all.

What is New Hall Prison Like?

What is New Hall Prison Like?

From the Inmates’ Perspective

The women praise the PD unit and ‘Rowan House’ for their support. Other notable features include courses tackling domestic violence, art groups, and distance learning options. Family support initiatives like ‘Storybook Mums’ also receive commendation. Moreover, the Chaplaincy staff are universally loved for their work.

Location and Accessibility

Situated in West Yorkshire, New Hall Prison is well-positioned for visits from family and legal representatives.

News and Updates

The prison has recently focused on broadening its range of inmate courses and increasing staff well-being services, including healthcare advice and sports injury rehab.


New Hall Prison offers an empathetic and respectful environment, striving to maintain a balance between security and dignity. With various programmes aimed at rehabilitation and a strong focus on staff welfare, it sets a unique example in the female prison sector.

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Aerial view of New Hall Prison, showing its modern buildings and well-kept grounds.