Send Newspaper to Prisoner

Prison Newspaper

Can you get a newspaper sent to you in prison? The short answer is yet! Firstly, The best way to do this is usually with the local newsagents near the prison. The prisoner can usually find this information from the prison library or from the induction orderly, wing officer or from other prisoners that get sent newspapers into the prison. 

Secondly, You can always call the prison and ask which newsagents that they deal with to send in magazines and newspapers to the prison. You can then setup a direct debit or payment option with the newsagents to get the newspapers sent in daily or even at the weekend to the prisoner.

Why send a newspaper to a prisoner?

When you go to prison you are completely cut off from the outside world. Having a newspaper sent in daily does 2 things. Keeps the prisoners up to date with current affairs. Secondly, it gives the prisoner something to do and something to look forward to.

Being in prison is all about killing time. Getting a newspaper kills another hour off the day. Getting the paper sent in at the weekend also gives the prisoner a TV guide which normally comes with the weekends newspapers. This means that they can scroll through the TV Mag and plan what to watch during the week, another time killer!

Can you get Magazines sent to a prisoner? Yes, you can also get magazines sent in to a prisoner. As long as the magazine isnt indecent and isnt of a subject that is offensive then there should be no issues with having magazines sent to the prisoner.