Book a visit Wandsworth prison

Book a visit wandsworth prison

How to Book a Visit to Wandsworth Prison

Looking to book a visit to Wandsworth Prison? Look no further. Below are essential guidelines and information to help you plan and book your visit effectively. Visiting a loved one in Wandsworth Prison is streamlined for your convenience, but there are certain procedures and requirements you need to follow.

Booking and Planning Your Visit to Wandsworth

To arrange a visit to someone in Wandsworth, adhere to the following prerequisites:

  • Ensure you are listed on the inmate’s visitor list.
  • Schedule your visit beforehand.
  • Present the mandatory ID upon your arrival.

Every visiting party must include at least one individual who is 18 or older. If there are queries or additional requirements regarding your visit, please do not hesitate to contact Wandsworth Prison directly.

Book a visit wandsworth prison

Book a visit Wandsworth prison - Visiting Times

Contact Information:

Visits Booking Line: 0300 060 6509 (Monday to Friday, 9:15am to 5pm)

Wandsworth Prison Visiting Times

Visiting Hours:

  • Monday to Thursday and Saturday to Sunday: 9am to 10am, 10:30am to 11:30am, 1:30pm to 2:30pm, and 3:30pm to 4:30pm
  • Friday: No Visits
  • Wednesday PM: No Visits until further notice

Availability: All prisoners are eligible for visits, with a maximum of 3 adults and 3 children allowed per visit.

Parking at Wandsworth Prison

Inquiring about parking availability during your visit? Please check with Wandsworth Prison directly regarding parking facilities and regulations.

What to Bring to a Wandsworth Prison Visit

When visiting, it’s crucial to have the required identification documents with you. If you have specific needs regarding mobility support or any other special requirements, inform the prison staff while booking your visit.

Assistance with Visit Costs

If you are on certain benefits or possess an NHS health certificate, you may be eligible for aid with the expenses related to your visit. This could include travel to Wandsworth, accommodation, and meals. For precise details on eligibility and assistance, please get in touch with Wandsworth Prison.

How to Book Family and Friends Visits

Booking a visit can be conveniently done online or over the phone. Visitors requiring additional support, especially concerning mobility, are encouraged to make their needs known during the booking process.

For any inquiries regarding the booking and visiting process, please refer to the contact details provided above.


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By adhering to the aforementioned guidelines and reaching out for clarifications when needed, you can ensure a smooth and hassle-free visit to Wandsworth Prison.

Book a visit wandsworth prison