What is Wakefield Prison Like?

Whats Wakefield Prison Like

Are you interested in learning about Wakefield Prison? Situated in West Yorkshire, this high-security facility has been operational since 1594 and is currently managed by Her Majesty’s Prison Service (HMPS). With a capacity of 750 inmates, Wakefield Prison has a lot to offer in terms of safety, rehabilitation, and community. In this article, we delve into recent news, the experiences of prisoners and staff, and the history of this longstanding institution.

Recent News

Recent updates from Wakefield Prison have been overwhelmingly positive, with the facility being lauded for its strong rehabilitation culture and excellent staff-prisoner relations. The prison has been described as a ‘community that inspires hope,’ making it a standout in the UK’s prison landscape.

What’s It Like for a Prisoner?

Inmates at Wakefield Prison describe the environment as safe, quiet, and hopeful. They value the good relationships they have with the staff, attributing this to the caring nature of the staff and the effective Keywork system. Prisoners also appreciate the range of programmes available, as well as the opportunities for progress. Unique features like lifer days, activities for those over 50 supported by Age UK, and family days run by Partners of Prisoners add to the positive experience.

What is Wakefield Prison Like?

What is Wakefield Prison Like?

History of Wakefield Prison

Wakefield Prison has a rich history, dating back to 1594. It is one of the oldest operational prisons in the UK. Over the years, it has evolved into a high-security facility managed by HMPS, with a focus on rehabilitation and community building.

Location and Contact Details

  • Location: West Yorkshire
  • Date of Visit: 12 March 2019
  • Visit Number: 90
  • Prison Type: High Security
  • Capacity: 750
  • Operator: HMPS

For more information, you can contact Wakefield Prison through their official channels.

Is There Prison Parking?

Yes, Wakefield Prison offers parking facilities for visitors, making it convenient for family and friends to visit inmates.

Officers’ Perspective

Officers at Wakefield Prison rate their relationship with prisoners as ‘excellent,’ thanks in part to the Keywork system. They appreciate the integrated regime and its predictability, as well as the trust shown in prisoners, such as allowing them to distribute canteen items. Staff also value the supportive and visible leadership, daily wing briefings, and staff engagement activities like the annual BBQ.

Managers’ Viewpoint

Managers echo the sentiments of community and outstanding relationships between staff and prisoners. They highlight the strong rehabilitation culture and the engagement of prisoners in various aspects of the regime, including the induction of new staff. The leadership of the No. 1 is highly praised for being inspiring, visible, and supportive.


Wakefield Prison sets a high standard in the UK’s prison system, offering a safe and hopeful environment for both staff and inmates. With its long history, excellent management, and positive reviews from all quarters, it stands as a model for what a high-security prison can achieve.

What is Wakefield Prison Like?