Which prison is someone in?

Which prison is someone in

Which prison is someone in? If you’re trying to find a prisoner and find out which prison they are in you will need a few details to be able to obtain their location. This includes the prisoners name, date of birth, why you are trying to find them and your details. You can use our locate a prisoner service if you are trying to see which prison the prisoner is currently residing at, it can take upto 4 weeks to release the details from the HMPPS and it also depends on whether the prisoner agrees for their details to be released to you upon your request.

If you do not know which HMP Prison your friend, family member or individual you are trying to locate is in, Submit a request, we will then forward it to HMPPS :

Youll need you detais, address, date of birth or organisation you represent. Name of person you are trying to find, the reason you want to find them, any other names theyve used,, their date of birth.

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Find Someone in Prison

Which prison is someone in

Once you submit the find someone in prison form we will then forward this on to the prison service. The process after this, the HMPPS will then search their systems using your details that you submitted, they will then write to the prisoner and ask them whether they agree to release the details to you. If the prisoner agrees, HMPPS will then write back to you on the submited details (usually by email) to inform you of the location of someone in prison that you are trying to find.