What is Humber Prison Like?


If you’re curious about life inside Humber Prison, look no further. Situated in the East Riding of Yorks, this Category C prison has a capacity of 1002 inmates and has been in operation since 1958. From staff-prisoner relationships to its unique focus on rehabilitation, Humber Prison offers a distinctive experience.

Brief History of Humber Prison:

Operated by Her Majesty’s Prison Service (HMPS), Humber Prison has been serving the UK since 1958. Designed as a Category C prison, it has a primary focus on rehabilitation, vocational training, and family support.

Inside Humber Prison: A Closer Look

Officers’ Perspective:

Officers at Humber Prison commend their Governor for being supportive and approachable, often citing the “open door” and “visible” nature of the leadership. They appreciate the weekly newsletters thanking staff for their service, the personalized Christmas cards, and bi-monthly full staff meetings. There’s a heavy emphasis on staff training, including monthly full-day sessions. The officers also value the visits facilities and regular family days, emphasizing that staff-prisoner relations are generally good.

What is Humber Prison Like?

What is Humber Prison Like?

Managers’ View:

Custodial Managers (CMs) and Senior Managers (SMs) have seen a notable improvement in morale and staff relations since the current Governor took charge. Staff recognition is frequently emphasized, including thank-you letters and newsletters. Managers describe staff-prisoner relations as ‘very good’, largely attributing this to the Keywork system. Security measures, such as extra netting, CCTV cameras, and specialised mail handling to tackle drugs like Spice, are considered strong yet proportionate.

Prisoners’ Experience:

Inmates generally feel safe at Humber and have a good relationship with the staff. They also commend the Governor for creating a supportive environment. Special mention goes to the ‘Humber Pilots’, a group of prisoner peer mentors who meet regularly with senior management and offer various forms of peer support. Facilities like healthcare, the gym, and special units like the day-care drop-in for self-isolators, receive high praise.


Humber Prison is located in East Riding of Yorks with a current capacity to hold 1002 prisoners.

News & Reports:

Strong relations with local police and a focus on security and safety make Humber stand out. Special initiatives like CODE4000 app & web training programs and the use of restorative principles further distinguish the prison.