What is Drake Hall Prison Like?

What is Drake Hall Prison Like?

Nestled just a short five-minute drive from Eccleshall in Staffordshire, HMP Drake Hall is a women’s correctional facility with a diverse inmate population of approximately 340. Housing arrangements include both single and double rooms, providing various levels of privacy for inmates.

Community Integration

Unique to Drake Hall is an open unit situated beyond its main perimeter. This allows up to 25 women the chance to work in the community, offering them a transitional phase as they prepare for their release.

Facilities for Female Prisoners

The prison is equipped with farms and gardens, along with indoor and outdoor gyms, that inmates can use in their free time.

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Community Perception

Local residents, like Rob Foxley who has lived near the facility for a decade, say they’ve experienced no issues living near Drake Hall. According to Foxley, the prisoners he has encountered have been polite and well-spoken. Other residents echo this sentiment, noting minimal noise and disturbances.

What Kind of Prison is HMP Drake Hall?

Located in Eccleshall, HMP Drake Hall is a closed women’s facility governed by His Majesty’s Prison and Probation Service. The prison has amenities such as healthcare, education, sports facilities, and spiritual services, catering to a broad range of inmate needs.

What is Drake Hall Prison Like

What is Drake Hall Prison Like

How to Reach HMP Drake Hall

The prison is situated at Eccleshall, Stafford, ST21 6LQ. You can either drive or use public transport to get there. The nearest rail station is Stafford, which has connecting bus services to the prison.

First Experience as a Prisoner

Upon arrival, inmates go through a “reception” phase. This helps the authorities collect crucial data on the incoming inmate and sets the stage for the kind of support services and accommodations they’ll need. Medical screenings and thorough briefings on prison rules are part of this initial experience.

Planning a Visit

Visitors should book their visits in advance and carry valid photo ID. Security screenings are mandatory for everyone, including minors.

Interesting Facts

Illegal brewing of alcohol from fruits and vegetables has been reported within the prison, but these occurrences have decreased significantly due to increased security measures.


Life inside HMP Drake Hall may be a challenging experience, but it’s also one that offers several opportunities for personal development and community reintegration. Both inmates and local residents suggest that the facility is well-managed, with minimal impact on nearby communities.