Blackfriars County Court, UK - A Comprehensive Guide

Blackfriars Crown Court, previously known for handling criminal cases, is a notable judicial building in London, England. Located at 1–15 Pocock Street in Southwark, it is situated a short distance from Blackfriars Road, from which it derives its name. This court has a significant history, having initially served as a printworks for HM Stationery Office in the 1950s. Designed in a modernist style by The Pitcher Construction Company, the building featured a long rectangular frontage on Pocock Street, characterized by red brick with stone dressings.

Blackfriars Crown Court in London

Summary of Blackfriars County Court

In the early 1990s, the Lord Chancellor’s Department decided to convert the old printing works into a new crown court, replacing Knightsbridge Crown Court. Following a refurbishment, which included adding a semi-circular portico formed by Doric order columns, Blackfriars Crown Court was re-opened in 1993. The interior of the building accommodated nine courtrooms.

Throughout its operational years, Blackfriars Crown Court was a venue for various notable legal events. However, after the relocation of cases to other courts like Snaresbrook, Wood Green, Inner London, and Kingston upon Thames Crown Courts, it ceased operations on 20 December 2019. As of December 2020, there were plans to transform the building’s roof into an “urban forest” as part of a mixed-use development project.

Blackfriars County Court

As of now, Blackfriars Crown Court is no longer in service. For legal matters, individuals are directed to seek assistance from neighbouring courts. For more information on alternative courts or tribunals, please refer to the official GOV.UK website.

Summary of Blackfriars County Court

Blackfriars County Court, with its rich history and modernist architectural style, stands as a testament to London’s evolving judicial landscape. Although it is no longer operational, the court’s legacy in the legal world remains significant. For further details on UK county courts, please CLICK HERE.